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Why Every Mom Needs a Jogger Set


Hi friends,

Hope y’all had a great New Year! These past couple days I’ve been taking it easy enjoying time with my family literally living in comfy jogger sets. I’ve taken lazy fashion to another level with matching jogger set. If you are a mom like me that wants to go from the bed to running errands these are the perfect comfy sets that are fashionable too. You can easily dress them up or dress them down. Plus its less laundry when you only have to change once. Let’s face it we have those days where we just want to be comfy and lazy, but still fashionable too! Check out how I styled this jogger set below. Continue reading “Why Every Mom Needs a Jogger Set”


7 Fall Trends I Am Excited For

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have been MIA this week on the blog. If you saw my Instastories earlier this week then you might have known I lost someone close to me this past week. It has been an emotional rollercoasters of highs and lows. Some big moments for my career, yet with everything that had happened I didn’t feel emotionally there to share with y’all my true gratitude. I decided I will share next week and allow myself some time to mourn. It is definitely a struggle when you share almost everything via social media and blog to separate the personal and professional. Out of the respect for the family I prefer to keep everything that has happened personal. But I want to thank for everyone who reached out, I really appreciate all your support. Today I thought I would just give ya’ll a quick update as well as share some of my favorite fall trends I look forward . Check them out below!

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3 Tips to Dress Up Your Striped Button Down for Spring

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone has a great week. My mom left for Jerusalem to go on a pilgrimage with her church friends for two weeks. I miss her already, but I am praying she has a fun and safe trip. I know this was a dream come true for her. Today I wanted to share this adorable striped button down with the cutest sleeve and back detail and share how you can dress this everyday top for spring. Check out the post below! Continue reading “3 Tips to Dress Up Your Striped Button Down for Spring”


The Importance of Your Mom Tribe – Evereve #dresslikeamom

Happy Monday friends,

Yesterday I had a fun event with my favorite mom bloggers at the new Evereve store in Baybrook. I loved getting to partner up with Megan, Michelle, and Channing for this amazing Mom’ Day Out event sponsored by Evereve, Popbar, Alex and Ani, and Maggiano’s. It almost marks our one year anniversary when we did our first event together last year. It is so refreshing to be with other mom bloggers in the area who get what you do as a blogger and as a mom. Motherhood can seem isolating or lonely at times, and without my mom friends I don’t think I would have my sanity. I can’t thank blogging enough for all the amazing mommy friends I have made. Today I am sharing this adorable outfit inspired by Evereve’s #dresslikemom campaign, and the importance of your mom tribe.

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Pumpkin Patch + 5 Activities for Fall

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Hey guys,

Can you believe it we are already half way through the month! I am so excited for all the fun Fall activities we are having this month. But I am even more excited to be sharing it with my little man. I love this stage we are in. I told my husband for the first time in I finally feel like I have this motherhood thing down and it feels so good. I am not one of those people where motherhood came easily. I was never fond of the newborn stage, but this stage has to be my favorite. It is a new adventure with my little man. I love watching him learn, and talk, and show me things from his perspective. I love his energy, his joyful spirit, and his sweet love for his momma. It honestly makes my day when he gives me all those sweet kisses and hugs, and tells me “Momma thank you so much,” for the little things like getting him a cookie or taking him to the pumpkin patch. He melts my heart every day, and I am so thankful to be his momma. There truly is something special about being a boy mom, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Today I am sharing our fall checklist and the things we look forward to doing this month.

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Finding Your Unique Style – Belk + True Craft

Thank you Belk + True Craft   for sponsoring this post.  As always all thoughts and opinions are mine alone. Thank you for supporting those who support this blog.

t shirt dress, marc fisher wedges, camo jacket, belk, saddle bag, aviators, ray bans

Let’s face it, as a mom  I live in basics: jeans, a comfy tee, and sunglasses to hide the tired bags under my eyes. Anything comfy and easy to run around are my mom style essentials. And though we might all have the same mom essentials doesn’t mean we can’t have our own unique style or one of a kind vibe. Today I’m sharing three different looks with Belk + True Craft  and sharing tips on how you can have your “one of a kind vibe”  with your basic mom essentials to create your own unique style.

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Mama Love – 3 Ways to Make a Difference as a Mom

Mama Love - 3 Ways to Make a Difference as a Mom by Houston blogger Dawn P. Darnell

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When I started this blog it was a blog to document my life as a first time mother. I never thought it would be where it is today. In the past two years it has evolved to something more covering more than just motherhood, but fashion, fitness, and travel. But no matter how big it grows the heart behind my blog will always be the love God gave me when I became a mom. It’s true what they say motherhood changes you. You start to see the world different, you start to open your eyes to what is going on around you, and your heart suddenly starts to ache more when you hear and see people, families, children suffering around you. It is hard in these days as a mother, as a blogger, and as someone with influence to stand silent or turn a blind eye to everything that is happening in this world. Especially knowing your child will be growing up in it. Some days it’s overwhelming, even disheartening, but even though this world will never be a perfect place, we still can make a difference. And it all starts at home. Here are 3 ways you can make a difference as a mom.

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Magnolia Market


This past weekend my hubby and I went up north to Dallas for a little Valentine’s getaway. It was our first weekend away from the little guy where we were actually more than an hour away! We didn’t want to go too far, but far enough where we could still call it a getaway.;) Dallas was so much fun this past weekend. I read up on some local Dallas blogs and found all the cool hidden gems of Dallas where all the locals go, and we were able to experience a non touristy side of Dallas. We found ourself mostly in Deep Ellum and lower Greenville area of Dallas. We wanted to make sure we ate a local restaurants and went to local bars in the area. It was so much fun, and we even had our first Uber experience. Let’s just say we had such a great experience we are now part of the Uber bandwagon. We loved the fast and easy service, and it’s affordable. It’s a great way to get around when you are traveling.

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Country, Love, and Rock and Roll

This past weekend was a great weekend spent with my family on the farm. We were all rooting for the Broncos for the Super Bowl and were so happy they won. Congrats to my favorite QB of all time Peyton Manning and his win. Not only is he a great player but a great role model. I grew up watching Peyton play for the Tennessee Volunteers, to the Colts, and now the Broncos. Now if only the Texans would draft him that would be icing on the cake!;) But now that football season is over, it’s time look forward to Valentines Day and Rodeo Season!

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Pretty in Pink

This past weekend I attended my dearest friend, sister, PIC, and fellow Houston Blogger Style the Girl‘s baby shower. I was so excited to share this moment with her and all her dear friends and family to honor her little girl Sofia Everly. It was everything you would imagine a little girl’s baby shower would be, filled with pink, lace, and all things shabby chic. As her Phi Mu sister we were excited to welcome the first legacy in our group of friends. All of our other sisters, including myself, had boys, and we ready to add a girl in the group.

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Neutrals and Pastels – 5 tips to Transition from Winter to Spring Fashion

Can you believe it it’s already the end of January? One more month till spring and shorts season, but until then I will be enjoying this nice Houston Winter we are having. One thing I love about Winter to Spring fashion is the transitional colors of neutrals and pastels. You can’t grow wrong with any of those colors this time of year, and it’s a perfect time to start adding brighter colors to your wardrobe.

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Burgundy Boots


I’m loving this colder weather we are finally having down here in Houston! This New Year has been nothing but GO, GO, GO for this mama. In less than 2 weeks my little man will be turning one and I’ve been so busy preparing for his party. This year one of my new year’s resolution is to become better in the kitchen, so with the help of Pinterest I will be making his birthday cake and several other goodies for his birthday. Continue reading “Burgundy Boots”