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5 Tips For Keeping Your Family Schedule Organized

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Happy Monday everyone! Hope ya’ll had a wonderful Easter Weekend. It was a busy weekend, but we are so thankful we got to spend time with our family. But now that the weekend is over its back to our normal schedule. I wish I could say it wasn’t just as busy, but it might even be busier. Between juggling my work schedule, Jayden’s school and activities, and then managing to coordinate time with my husband with his crazy work schedule, well it gets pretty hectic. Today I am my sharing tips on how I keep my family schedule organized. Thankfully I just purchased the new Samsung Galaxy 9+ from Target to help me organize my family schedule. Check out my tips below!

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Mom Confessions: Why I Need My Weekends Off

Happy Friday everyone! This mama is excited for all the fun activities we have planned this weekend, but I think I am more excited for my alone time. Today I am getting a little personal with you, in my no judgement zone, about why this mama needs her weekends off. Sometimes I feel we have this perception that moms have to do it all, when the reality is not the case. We all struggle and we all need a little help and that’s why I am sharing my mom confession. Plus I had to share these adorable photos of my little guy. He is seriously a little goof ball just like his daddy. I can never keep a straight face around this boy. Ya’ll he is getting so big, and recently he keeps correcting me when I call him my baby. He says he’s my big boy! Uggh it breaks my heart a little when says that. Check out these photos and more of my post below!

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5 Morning Habits to Start to Your Day of Right – Tom’s of Maine

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Hey everyone,

Hope you are having a great week. Let’s just first preface by saying I am not usually a morning person. I am a hot mess mama usually running 5 to 10 minutes late to everything. But I decided I needed to make a change, because it was becoming stressful rushing to everything and not having my thoughts together before I started my day. So I am sharing some tips that have helped me have a positive start to my day. Today I teamed up with Tom’s of Maine to share 5 morning habits to start your morning right.

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The Easy Family Meal Prep Plan with HelloFresh

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Hello Fresh_meal prep_healthy cooking

Hey guys,

TFIG! This month I’ve stepped it up when it comes to putting my health and fitness goals first. I made a promise to myself that I would not let my work with my blog, and all the social event that come with it get in the way of my fitness goals. So this month I cleared my schedule M-F and set specific times to work on my blog, and making sure to go to the gym first thing in the morning. And let me tell you, it has made a world of difference. Another thing that has really helped me when it comes to my nutrition is HelloFresh. HelloFresh has stream lined my cooking and prepping by giving me healthy, easy alternatives already prepped meals shipped right to my door! And for the whole family too! No more getting tired of the same chicken breast and broccoli all day, HelloFresh has great options including vegetarian options for the whole family. Check out the process that has made this mama’s life easier when it comes to meal prepping healthy meals for the family.

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Motherhood from Every Angle and My Mommy Uniform


This past week I was featured in a series called “Motherhood From Every Angle,” from one of my fellow mommas and an amazing lifestyle blogger Beauty and the Binky. I loved being part of these series and being part of a great group of mothers who share their stories and experiences as a mom. Some times we can all be caught up in the right and wrongs of parenting that we realize there is no such thing as right and wrong. Ever child, every mom, every family is different, but there is one thing that stays the same and that is the love and pride they have for their child. Here is an excerpt of the introductory part of the interview:

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5 Tips I Learned From My Sephora Makeover To Get A Picture Perfect Look


Last Friday I had my first ever makeover from Sephora. I finally got to use my gift card I received for my birthday, and I was so glad I was able to get the full makeover experience. Normally I am a mascara, lipgloss kind of girl, but this time around I wanted to learn how to get the natural air brushed look without looking like I caked on makeup. When it comes to makeup I’m no expert, but I love trying new things, and experimenting with new trends. Emily my makeup artist was so sweet and great at explaining what she was doing. Though I’m still not quite there in doing flawless makeup like she did with me, I did learn a couple of cool tricks and tips I thought I would share with you.

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