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5 Tips I Learned From My Sephora Makeover To Get A Picture Perfect Look


Last Friday I had my first ever makeover from Sephora. I finally got to use my gift card I received for my birthday, and I was so glad I was able to get the full makeover experience. Normally I am a mascara, lipgloss kind of girl, but this time around I wanted to learn how to get the natural air brushed look without looking like I caked on makeup. When it comes to makeup I’m no expert, but I love trying new things, and experimenting with new trends. Emily my makeup artist was so sweet and great at explaining what she was doing. Though I’m still not quite there in doing flawless makeup like she did with me, I did learn a couple of cool tricks and tips I thought I would share with you.

  1. Prime your face – I never used primer before doing makeup, because I always thought it was heavy on my skin but when they used the Smashbox Photo primer water I fell in love. It was easy to put on and it made my makeup last the whole day. Now I use it daily and definitely see difference without feeling the weight on my skin.
  2. Wet your beauty blender. – DUHH right? I never knew! This makes a big difference with flawless coverage, and unfortunately I was unaware of how to really use a beauty blender until now. I love it over a foundation brush. It gives your face an air brushed effect.
  3. When contouring your cheeks, blend up towards your cheek bones, not down towards your jaw line. – It makes a big difference in contouring.
  4. Skip the eyeliner to brighten eyes. – Plus it makes your lashes look longer!
  5. Less is more! – The key is blending. You don’t actually need a lot of makeup to have full coverage, and plus it sets easier and doesn’t feel heavy on your face.

Check out my makeover. I listed the products and my beauty haul below.

IMG_1285 Before and after.IMG_1300IMG_1303

Here is my beauty haul I purchased for all under $100. I absolutely love the new shimmering perfector by Jaclyn Hill. It is the perfect highlighter on your face that gives you a nice subtle glow. Great for highlighting your eyebrows as well. I highly recommend it. I purchased the Smashbox primer water and use it everyday now. It doesn’t feel heavy on my  skin and easy to apply. You literally mist and go. I stocked up on my favorite mascara from Too Faced, though I am tempted to try some other brands next time I go. Any suggestions? And last I purchased a new Sephora blush in Heated. It’s a nice color but it doesn’t last long on my skin. So I will be on the look out for a better blush next time around. IMG_1348

 There were so many great makeup products she used for my makeover.  I definitely look forward to purchasing the Anastasia brow gel and Lancome foundation on my next trip to Sephora. I recreated the look below in this unedited picture for a collaboration I am doing with Mirina Collections. My makeup looks absolutely flawless. I hope you enjoyed my beauty tips! Thanks for stopping by!

🙂 Dawn


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