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Why Every Mom Needs a Jogger Set


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Hope y’all had a great New Year! These past couple days I’ve been taking it easy enjoying time with my family literally living in comfy jogger sets. I’ve taken lazy fashion to another level with matching jogger set. If you are a mom like me that wants to go from the bed to running errands these are the perfect comfy sets that are fashionable too. You can easily dress them up or dress them down. Plus its less laundry when you only have to change once. Let’s face it we have those days where we just want to be comfy and lazy, but still fashionable too! Check out how I styled this jogger set below. Continue reading “Why Every Mom Needs a Jogger Set”


7 Fall Trends I Am Excited For

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have been MIA this week on the blog. If you saw my Instastories earlier this week then you might have known I lost someone close to me this past week. It has been an emotional rollercoasters of highs and lows. Some big moments for my career, yet with everything that had happened I didn’t feel emotionally there to share with y’all my true gratitude. I decided I will share next week and allow myself some time to mourn. It is definitely a struggle when you share almost everything via social media and blog to separate the personal and professional. Out of the respect for the family I prefer to keep everything that has happened personal. But I want to thank for everyone who reached out, I really appreciate all your support. Today I thought I would just give ya’ll a quick update as well as share some of my favorite fall trends I look forward . Check them out below!

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3 Tips to Dress Up Your Striped Button Down for Spring

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone has a great week. My mom left for Jerusalem to go on a pilgrimage with her church friends for two weeks. I miss her already, but I am praying she has a fun and safe trip. I know this was a dream come true for her. Today I wanted to share this adorable striped button down with the cutest sleeve and back detail and share how you can dress this everyday top for spring. Check out the post below! Continue reading “3 Tips to Dress Up Your Striped Button Down for Spring”


The Importance of Your Mom Tribe – Evereve #dresslikeamom

Happy Monday friends,

Yesterday I had a fun event with my favorite mom bloggers at the new Evereve store in Baybrook. I loved getting to partner up with Megan, Michelle, and Channing for this amazing Mom’ Day Out event sponsored by Evereve, Popbar, Alex and Ani, and Maggiano’s. It almost marks our one year anniversary when we did our first event together last year. It is so refreshing to be with other mom bloggers in the area who get what you do as a blogger and as a mom. Motherhood can seem isolating or lonely at times, and without my mom friends I don’t think I would have my sanity. I can’t thank blogging enough for all the amazing mommy friends I have made. Today I am sharing this adorable outfit inspired by Evereve’s #dresslikemom campaign, and the importance of your mom tribe.

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Now and Later: The T-Shirt Dress

Now and Later: The T-Shirt Dress

t-shirt dress| bag| boots| sneakers| trench coat| utility jacket| chocker| watch

With school starting and our days getting busier, and as we transition from summer to fall, versatility is everything when it comes to your wardrobe. I love talking about staples for every women’s wardrobe, and a simple t-shirt dress like this one I bought at H&M for $10 is the perfect dress to wear casually for running errands, or dressed up for a night on the town. Here are some tips below on how to dress up and dress down this T-shirt dress for the perfect now and later outfit.

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Motherhood from Every Angle and My Mommy Uniform


This past week I was featured in a series called “Motherhood From Every Angle,” from one of my fellow mommas and an amazing lifestyle blogger Beauty and the Binky. I loved being part of these series and being part of a great group of mothers who share their stories and experiences as a mom. Some times we can all be caught up in the right and wrongs of parenting that we realize there is no such thing as right and wrong. Ever child, every mom, every family is different, but there is one thing that stays the same and that is the love and pride they have for their child. Here is an excerpt of the introductory part of the interview:

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Good Vibes

This past month I’ve been really busy lately launching my own photography business. Like the blogging world and anything new you venture out to, there’s always a learning curve and making mistakes is just part of the learning process. I’ve been lucky enough to have met some amazing people who have helped me grow and develop in the photography world. It’s not as easy as it looks and there is always so much to learn in photography. Having a great support system in this industry always helps you stay positives when you have your ups and downs.
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