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Good Vibes

This past month I’ve been really busy lately launching my own photography business. Like the blogging world and anything new you venture out to, there’s always a learning curve and making mistakes is just part of the learning process. I’ve been lucky enough to have met some amazing people who have helped me grow and develop in the photography world. It’s not as easy as it looks and there is always so much to learn in photography. Having a great support system in this industry always helps you stay positives when you have your ups and downs.
 Recently I’ve joined some Facebook mom and photography groups in my area to get to know more people and also to seek help and advice. And though there are so many positive people on those groups, there will always be a few that have nothing but negative things to say. It is really disheartening sometimes when you share a thought or seek advice and you get that one negative comment that just puts a damper to your day. I get it, we aren’t all experts here in being a parent or photographer, and though you may think your way is the best way, reality check, it isn’t for everybody. Just like parenting, with photography everyone has their own style and technique that works for them. But I also get that not everyone is going to have nice things to say, and unfortunately that is how our world works. So what do I do to keep the positive vibes going when I am not having a positive day? Here are some things I do to keep a positive mind.

  1. Take a break – sometimes we just need to walk away from the situation for a minute or so and take a breather. For me a great nap is a cure to a bad day.
  2. Watch funny videos – there is nothing better than having a laugh. We can often take ourselves too seriously at times, it is just great to take a moment to have a good laugh.
  3. Go outside – I love just sitting outside and enjoy the fresh air and sun. I find myself to attached to my computer these days, it becomes mentally exhausting. Sometimes a good walk outside will help clear your mind of negativity.
  4. Talk about it – Getting a second opinion or just having someone their to support you when you are feeling down helps. My husband is the best at giving me a reality check. I love him for all he does to support me.
  5. Play with my son – There is nothing more positive that just playing with my son. His smile and laughter is everything to me. Even in my worst of days there is nothing like baby hugs and kisses to make my day.

What are some things you do to stay positive?

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