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Jayden’s 5 Year Portraits

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I can’t believe the day is here, my little man turns five! It’s crazy to think how time flies, even more so when you watch your children grow. This year makes me a little sad though, because this is the year my son goes into kindergarten. It’s a good thing don’t get me wrong, but for some reason I feel like I am losing my little baby. Day by day my little man starts growing into a young man and I don’t know if my heart can take it. I just want these moments to last forever. I remember I use to worry about my son sleeping in our bed, and now I cherish everyday he chooses to sleep with us, because it’s at night when he’s asleep where he still looks like my little baby. I cherish every hug, every kiss, and every time he still needs his mama, because I know as he gets older there will be a day where I am longer his center of his world. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready for that day, but today I’m just thankful. Thankful for another wonderful year to watch my son grow older. So today I am sharing these beautiful portraits we took with our son and our dog for his 5th birthday. Thank you so much Alexis from Candid Kids Photography for capturing my son so beautifully. I will cherish these photos forever. 

There’s no bond like the bond between a boy and his dog. When Alexis offered to take photos of Jayden and our dog Rotel I immediately said yes. This age is a magical age between Jayden and Rotel. Rotel will always be his first best friend who showed him what unconditional love and friendship is about.

We adopted Rotel when Jayden was one. You can read more of Rotel’s adoption story here. They have been inseparable since day one. Rotel is the best dog we could have ever wished for. He loves children and has so much patience and energy to keep up with them. Nothing makes him happier than being around Jayden. Jayden always shares his meals and treats with Rotel. He even came up with the game “Dog TAG” where he entices Rotel with a treat to chase him around the house. It’s the cutest thing, watching these two, from playing tag, wrestling, to playing every sport, and ninja fighting game you know, these two are inseparable.

I know fifteen years down the road when Jayden misses his best friend he will always have these photos and memories to cherish. I can’t help but think dogs are special guardian angels sent from heaven to look after us. Rotel is definitely one of them.

When I look at these photos I see Jayden’s charismatic energy, wherever he goes he just lights up the room. He’s Mr. Popular when he goes to school. He just gets a long with everyone and can make friends with anyone. I’ve seen him make friends with a group of kids that didn’t even speak the same language! Thats one thing I love about Jayden is he is just a happy and friendly kid. I say he gets that from me lol.
He also gets his dad’s sense of humor and fun loving personality. There isn’t a day that hasn’t gone by that he doesn’t make me laugh. In fact the kid is a class clown is school. He got in trouble for putting his lunch kit on his head and getting his class to do the same! The one thing I do worry about is that he might be too smart for his own good!  I worry with all of his brains, personality, and talent that things will come too easily for him, and he won’t be challenged enough to really use his full potential. As parents I can only hope to guide him in the right direction.
It’s crazy watching him grow this past year and just seeing his little personality grow. He honestly got the best from both worlds. Everything good from us we passed down to our little man. He is truly our greatest gift from God. Four was an amazing year for Jayden and I can’t wait to see what five brings! Read more of Jayden’s yearly updates below!

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Photos by Candid Kids Photography