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Snowboarding Essentials for Beginners

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Hope you are having a great week! This is the first post since our trip back from Colorado and I’m answering your questions about snowboarding with this post Snowboarding Essentials for Beginners. For those who are interested in going and don’t know what to bring, here are the essentials that I bring when snowboarding. Plus most of these essentials are great for other snow activities as well. Check them out below!

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Snowboarding Essentials for Beginners


  1. thermals – This base layer is key to keeping warm without feeling bulky or sweating with too many layers. I’ve tried regular leggings and workout clothes and it’s not the same as having thermals. I highly recommend these as your base layer because they are comfy, light weight, and will keep you warm and dry. With this base layer you will only need this under your jacket to keep you warm.
  2. wool socks – It’s important to have wool socks so they keep your feet warm and dry. No other material works best.
  3. gloves – I have tried several gloves, but I feel the leather gloves are best for keeping your fingers warm and dry.
  4. face mask – Just found out about this cool tubular multi functioning facemark/ neck warmer this year. I wanted something that was light weight and could easily be used as a head cover under my helmet as well as a face mask. You definitely need a face mask when snowboarding to keep your face warm and to deflect any debris of snow from your face when your snowboarding.
  5. snowboarding jacket – I’ve tried several jackets for snowboarding, but this one I got recently is my favorite. It isn’t bulky and it has tons of inner pockets and storage for your wallet, gloves, lip balm, lotion ect. I love the convenience of having my essentials with me when I’m snowboarding. Plus this has a removable hoodie and is great for keeping you warm and dry.
  6. snow pants  – These are a must to keeping you dry and warm while you snowboard. They are great for any snow activity and definite a must if you plan to be in the snow. I have two snow pants. Both work the same, however my yellow one has a removable bib which I didn’t care for using anyways.
  7. snow boots – I’ve have different snow boots, but this is my favorite when it comes to snowboarding. I love the low profile and how easy it is to come on and off when you need to switch into your snowboarding boots. Plus it fits well in the lockers too. I had this snow boot but found it too bulky with my snow pants.
  8. beanie – When I’m not wearing my helmet a beanie is great for keeping my head warm.


I touched based on this on my winter essentials post I wrote, but things have changed a bit, and I am sharing my absolute beauty necessity for  snowboarding or just being out in the snow. I’ve also linked travel size items that you can bring with you while up on the slopes.

  1. sunscreen – This is my favorite sunscreen and I love it because it’s a moisturizer and sunscreen in one, plus its tinted so it doesn’t give you that white residue. I wear it by itself without foundation, but it also works well with makeup! For a non tinted sunscreen, I love this one for the whole family. It smells great and it doesn’t leave a white residue.
  2. primer – When I do wear makeup I swear by this primer. I have said it years its the best primer out there. It feels silky smooth, it has SPF 30, and its cruelty free,
  3. lip balm – I carry a lip balm with me when I’m on the slopes to prevent chapped lips, and when you are in high altitude I feel as your lips are dryer than normal. For a non scented lip balm with SPF I use this, but if you want a tinted lip balm with SPF I love this!
  4. lotion – For overall body lotion I use coconut oil. I love its organic properties and I feel it works better than most body lotions. Plus its great for your hair and other uses too!
  5. hand lotion – I carry this small travel size hand lotion when I am on the slopes to prevent dry hands. You would be surprised how dry your skin and hands can get in that altitude.


If you are just starting to snowboard I recommend renting this equipment instead of purchasing to save money. Plus you can try out different equipment to learn more of what you like and don’t like before purchasing the items.  However if you know you love the sport and want to invest in your own snowboarding equipment, here is a list of some affordable snowboarding gear. For us since we go every year it is more cost effective to purchase our own than renting our equipment. Plus we fly Southwest so we can check in our snowboard for free which is another cost to think about when purchasing your own snowboard equipment.

  1. snowboarding boots – Theres two types of snowboard boots, one that laces up and one that uses the BOA system. I personally like the boots that use the BOA system. I feel it really secures your feet in the boots.
  2. snowboard/ bindings –  Depending on your height will determine what size snowboard to get. There are all types of snowboards for performance, so its good to try them out to see what you prefer.
  3. snow goggles – This is a must for almost all kinds of snow activities. It protects your eyes from the sun, snow and wind and allows you to see clearly.
  4. helmet – Another necessity when snowboarding is a helmet. It’s crazy how many times you can fall when on the slopes and this will prevent most head injuries.
  5. Snowboarding bag – I love this bag to store snowboarding equipment when traveling. The wheels are great so you don’t have to carry it on your shoulders and it’s easier to carry around when traveling.



So if you are headed to the slopes and are looking to snowboard, I hope these snowboarding essentials help answer your questions in what you need when snowboarding. Most of these items are needed regardless if you are skiing, tubing, or snowmobiling and make a great investment. For more tip check out my post below! Thanks for stopping by!



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