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5 Tips to Getting Sponsors for a Blog Conference


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This past weekend was a great girls weekend spent with some of my favorite bloggers at the Thrive Blog Conference. It was a girls weekend dream come true full of pictures, outfits, unlimited macaroons and cupcakes, and of course a great weekend of learning about all the cool ways to be a better blogger. But more of what we learned next week, this week i’m going to give you an inside scoop on how to get sponsors from big name companies like Kendra Scott and Charming Charlie, to small locally own boutiques like Burd Life and Gray Door Boutique for your next blog conference. Here are 5 tips to getting sponsors for your next blog conference.

5 Tips to Getting Sponsors for a Blog Conference

1. Have a game plan

From the beginning we girls knew we wanted to have a fun photo shoot documenting our outfits we were wearing at the blog conference. We chose this to be the topic for what we wanted to get sponsored and who we would be reaching out to. If you know what you want ahead of time you can know what to ask for.

2. Know what you can offer

Get your blog statistics ready and be ready to sell yourself. Remember you have to be able to make your blog appealing to companies to want to sponsor you.

3. Reach out to people you have established relationships with

Do you know someone who knows someone? Or do have you already have established relationship with a company you’ve worked with before. Reach out to them first, they will more likely want to work with you. Burdlife and Gray Door were all business relationships we had already established before. We had such a great relationship with them it was easy to reach out to them again.

4. Get together

You  know what’s better than one? Two, three, four, or even more! Having other bloggers to team up always works out so much better. You can share the work load, and statistically it looks so much better on paper when pitching to companies.

5. Take a RISK!

Don’t be afraid of rejection. Trust me it’s not easy getting yes’s from all the companies you send your pitch too. Some don’t even reply back but others will surprise you. I reached out to Kendra Scott, and was so surprised by their generosity and enthusiasm to work with us.

This was our first blog conference, and our first time we ever reach out to companies for sponsorships. We were really surprised of the positive responses we have gotten from our sponsors. I know it might be intimidating but anyone can do it with the right plan in place. I’ve attached below a Scripts-to-work-with-brands from the Secret Blogger’s Business that we used to reach out to companies. Make sure use your own voice because these templates are just generic guidelines.

I hope these 5 tips help for getting you sponsors for your next blog conference. Feel free to comment or ask me a question. I would love to hear some of your success stories or tips! Thank again to all of our wonderful sponsors for partnering with us for Thrive, we really appreciate it! And also a big thank you to you and all of our readers for taking the time to support us. We couldn’t leave you out on all the fun, so we wanted to give one lucky reader a chance to win this awesome giveaway below.

5 Tips to Getting Sponsors for a Blog Conference 5 Tips to Getting Sponsors for a Blog Conference
5 Tips to Getting Sponsors for a Blog Conference


What’s Included?

1.Charming Charlie bag, jewelry organizer, and spring dress
2.Gray Door Blah Blah Blah Coffee shirt
3.Burdlife earrings and necklace set from their spring collection!

How to enter?

1.Subscribe to each of our blogs
Me- subscribe to sidebar on my blog or below this post
Dede– subscribe tab on blog
Margret– subscribe sidebar on blog
Shelbi – subscribe to Bloglovin on my sidebar


How to Get Sponsors for your First Blog Conference

How to Get Sponsors for your First Blog Conference

P.S. Burdlife just launched their spring collection and is giving our wonderful readers 15% off with the code “THRIVEON” from March 3rd to the 6th. Check out their beautiful spring collection online.

Thanks again for following along! I hope you enjoyed these 5 tips to getting sponsors for a blog conference. And stay tuned for next weeks post on what I learned at my first blog conference. The post will go live next Thursday. Have a great day!

<3 Dawn

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