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2022 Year Recap

Hi friends,

Happy New Year! Can you believe it it’s 2023! Wow what a year it has been! There was some amazing memories we made, but not without some crazy almost life threatening ones that have made us appreciate those good memories even more. Today I am sharing my 2022 year recap with some of our favorite memories and sharing my outlook for the next year!

2022 Year Recap

With the birth of our most precious blessing this year, I had complications after my birth due to preeclampsia that almost cost me my life twice! It was the brush of death that spurred on my new revitalized sense of life. Carpe Diem, seize the day! I did not want to miss another moment to live my dreams, one being to take my family to Europe for the holidays. It was such an amazing memory! I will be sharing travel guides soon! But you can see our family pictures in front of the Eiffel tower here!

Last year with my pregnancy and birth complications we put a hold on building on our farm we bought, but this year it is a goal of ours to start building our home. It isn’t going to be our forever home since we realized after everything we went through with my birth complications that we want to be closer to family. We love the property but it is just too far from family. So eventually we will sell it after a few years and build closer to my family. But it will be a great experience and a new adventure for our family for the time being.

Aside from that all I want to do is focus on family, making memories, and possibly adding another little one to the mix if God wills it this year. Praying for continued good health for my family and that we will have many birthdays and milestones to celebrate in the future. And without further ado here are my favorite memories of 2022.

New Year 2022 Gender Reveal

Finding out we were having a girl was the best way to ring in 2022!

Jayden Turns Seven

 Can’t believe he turns eight in a couple of weeks!


Oahu, Hawaii Family Vacation Guide

Took Jayden to Hawaii for his birthday to see Pearl Harbor. It was such an amazing trip!

Hawaii Family Beach Photoshoot

One of my favorite family photoshoots!

family beach photoshoot, Hawaii, Oahu, Maternity photoshoot

Finest Punta Cana All-Inclusive Resort

The most luxurious resort in the Dominican for a Babymoon! So thankful to have this opportunity to work with the resort again!

Baby In Bloom Baby Shower

The most beautiful shower my hubby and friends hosted for me! So unbelievably thankful!

The Sanctuary – Our Foster Care Journey

Finally getting licensed to be foster parents!

Family Maternity Photoshoot

So glad I did these! I’ve never felt more beautiful pregnant.

Ella’s Birth Story

Our sweet angel’s birth story. One of the scariest and joyous time of my life!

Our 8th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary with our first family pictures with Ella!

Seaside Bachelorette Party

First trip after baby, and it was a much needed break after everything I had gone through. So thankful to celebrate my dear friend and to be surrounded by my friends who I’ve known almost my whole life. They really helped me fill my cup and recharge my batteries so I could come home rested and refreshed.

Family Safari Halloween

Celebrated our first Halloween with Ella!

Holiday Trip NYC Travel Guide

Finally checked this off my bucket list and it was everything I imagined. Now I want to bring my family so they can experience the magic too!

Merry Christmas From Paris

Last but certainly not the least, was taking our family to their first European vacation and taking family photos in front of the Eiffel tower. A dream come true! Will be sharing a travel guide soon!


It’s been one heck of a year and I wouldn’t change a thing, the good or bad. If life has taught me one thing is you can’t truly appreciate the good in your life without experiencing the bad. I have found the most grateful people are the ones who have overcome so much in life. Thankful for what God has given me this year and the lessons I’ve learned. Goodbye 2022! You have been amazing! Walking into 2023 with purpose and gratitude. Here’s to the best year yet!

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Happy New Year 2021


Happy New Years 2021 from our family to yours!

I can’t believe its 2021 already. 2020 was definitely a crazy year but not without some amazing memories. 2020 showed us what was important in our life and that was being home with our family. We still were able to travel, including being able to take our extended family on family trips which honesty was so nice. Our family went to Belize, stayed at a dude ranch in Arizona for the first time, and went to our yearly family trips to Florida and Colorado. We also were able to cross off some big goals in our life, including hubs becoming a Captain. Even with the pandemic we were able to ride out this crazy time and come out stronger than ever as a family. We owe it all to God and we are so thankful for the blessings we have received. Today I wanted to share our New Year 2021 family photos we took and our New Years wishes with you.

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The Best of 2015 – A recap of my First Year Blogging

The Best of 2015

I can’t believe it’s already 2016. 2015 flew by and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the blessing we received. It was a year of ups and downs, but overall I wouldn’t change it one bit because through all life’s challenges I have grown so much and become a better person because of it. This year I became a mom. We welcomed our wonderful son Jayden into the world on January 19, 2015. I never knew how much I could love something until he came into this world. It scared me how much I loved him, I would die for him. protect him with all my being, and I would go to the moon and back just to give him the world. He was my inspiration this year, and because of him I became a better blogger. Because of him I was able to step back from my full time career to focus on being a mother and it also allowed me to pursue blogging. I’ve blogged about being a mother, fitness, fashion, and photography. So if you have followed along or have just started here are my favorite posts of the year. Continue reading “The Best of 2015 – A recap of my First Year Blogging”