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A Couture Cause 2018 Trend Guide – Fashion Meets Philanthropy

Today I am so excited to share one of my favorite collaborations to date. Last year I was nominated by my friend and fellow blogger Authentically B to be a model for A Couture Cause 2018 Trend Guide. The 2018 Trend Guide is a collaboration with Houston’s best designers and boutiques to feature their top picks for the coming year showcased on our incredible group of local models – real fashionistas of Houston nominated for their style and commitment to philanthropy. It was an incredible honor to be part of this collaboration benefiting the Youth Hope Association, and A Shelter for Cancer Families.  A Couture Cause raised over $75,000 for those in need this year through their trend guide, a coffee table fashion book inspired by the latest trends. Check out my first feature publication below and how you can get your hands on this years 2018 Trend Guide.

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I Am More Than Pink – 6 Things You can Do for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Happy Friday,

Today I wanted take a break from my NYFW recap to spread awareness to something important happening this month. I am not only sharing with you this adorable pink top but why I am more than just pink. This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and as a mom and as a women this is one disease we have to make sure we check ourself regularly for. Every year over 240,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer. 99% diagnosed are women, and it is said 12% of women in this world will be diagnosed with breast cancer. If you are in the Houston area and would like to be part of raising money and awareness below I have listed 6 Things You can Do for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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If There is One Thing You Can Do to Help Us, Do This.

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Hey guys so I had this really amazing post for you guys about tips of finding a family photographer,  and of course to share all of these beautiful family photos we took with Olya Helga Photography. But instead I wanted to share what is heavy on my heart lately.  As all of ya’ll know we have been going through a lot down here in Houston with the Hurricane Harvey after math and the flooding that came with it. If you have been watching my Instastories you know we have been unable to reach our family do to the streets being flooded. Family who live not even fifteen minutes away, and it is truly disheartening. But I think what is most disheartening is reading all the negative things people are saying about God’s word and towards the people who preach it. Would you believe me if I told you I was criticized and told I was insensitive because I attributed my family’s safety and our house not being flooded to the power of prayer and to the glory of God? I never thought in my life I would be criticized for my belief, and by a fellow Christian surprisingly, especially during this time where we need prayer the most.

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Suite Mother’s Day Weekend @ Hotel Sorella

Suite Mother's Day Weekend @ Hotel Sorella

Last weekend we were fortunate to stay at the Hotel Sorella CITYCENTRE for Mother’s Day weekend. It was truly a 5 star experience. I couldn’t have asked for anything more for Mother’s Day. I didn’t have to cook, or clean, and I sleep in as late as I wanted in the most comfortable bed ever. Now isn’t that all we really want for Mother’s Day?

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Off the Shoulder Street Style

Off the Shoulder Street Style

This past week was a challenging time for me and my husband as parents. Our little guy got his first ear infection and gave us a scare when his fever was over 104 degrees! We rushed to the ER only to find out it was a common thing for children his age, and not as life threatening matter as we had feared. Apparently we weren’t giving Jayden the right dosage of Tylenol to break his fever, and were only giving half of the recommended dosage. I think one of the most frustrating things about being a first time parent is learning what and what not to freak out over, and even more stressful when both parents don’t agree. Continue reading “Off the Shoulder Street Style”


Country, Love, and Rock and Roll

This past weekend was a great weekend spent with my family on the farm. We were all rooting for the Broncos for the Super Bowl and were so happy they won. Congrats to my favorite QB of all time Peyton Manning and his win. Not only is he a great player but a great role model. I grew up watching Peyton play for the Tennessee Volunteers, to the Colts, and now the Broncos. Now if only the Texans would draft him that would be icing on the cake!;) But now that football season is over, it’s time look forward to Valentines Day and Rodeo Season!

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