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5 Tips to Throwing a Chic Summer Soiree

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! With summer in full swing there’s nothing more fun than gathering with friends and family over good conversation, good food, and drinks. This summer go beyond your usual BBQ gatherings and opt for a chic summer soiree. Plus I love the idea of getting dressed up for fun summer entertaining with friends. Today I am sharing five tips in throwing a chic summer soiree that will sure be a hit with your friends and family. Check it out below!

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Kin Toh Azulik in Tulum – Red Polka Dot Dress

Happy 4th of July!

Today I wanted to keep in short and sweet with this red polka dot dress for $40 I wore on our trip to Tulum. Josh and I went to have drinks at Kin Toh Azulik which was the coolest tree house restaurant overlooking the beach and jungles of Tulum. The architecture was marvelous and the scenic views so unique. Even the bathrooms were beautiful. It was so eco friendly, with limited electricity, and no central air conditioning. They had a live DJ and a hookah bar. Kin Toh was definitely a place to see in Tulum.  Check out more pictures of this restaurant and my outfit below!

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Swimwear Under $60 for All Body Types – The Comparison Game

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! Since summer is here in full swing I wanted to share with ya’ll my favorite swimwear under $60! Since my breast augmentation surgery I was so excited for summer and to go swimsuit shopping for our trip to Tulum. However some of my favorite bikinis have been ones that were very figure flattering with our without big boobs, and best part is they are under $60. So no matter your body type whether you are trying to hide something or show something off, I have a swimsuit for you that will make you feel confident to hit the pool or beach this summer. Plus I’m sharing my thoughts on the comparison game when it comes to our bodies this summer. Read more below.

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Kendra Scott Fundraiser for Santa Fe – A Little Goes a Long Way

Happy Monday everyone! Hope ya’ll had a great weekend! Today I just wanted to recap my Kendra Scott event I had three weeks ago to help raise money for Santa Fe school shooting victims. I have so many people to thank, including everyone who came out, to all the amazing bloggers who partnered up for this event, and to all the brands who donated their time and service to make this a fun event for everyone. I also wanted to share a little Monday motivational thought on how a little act of service can make a difference in this world. And though we may not see the eventual outcome, I consider our actions like a drop in an ocean that creates a continuing and ever-growing ripple. We are that drop in the ocean that is part of a huge wave that will make a difference in this world. Read more of my recap and thoughts below.

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4 Summer Jackets You Need In Your Closet – White Moto Jacket

Happy Friday everyone! Who is excited for the weekend? I know I AM! MY husband is off this week, which makes this momma very happy. We have some fun plans this week so that makes me even more excited. Today I wanted to share this casual Friday look with my must have summer jackets. I know what your thinking, a jacket for summer, but trust me a light jacket is always a good idea for those cold days in the office, or even cooler summer nights out. Check out 4 Summer Jackets You Need In Your Closet including my favorite canvas moto jacket from Paige Denim.

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