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Pet Lover Gift Guide

Happy Saturday everyone!

So excited to share my favorite gift guide of them all. Why is it my favorite you might ask, because I had so much fun hand picking each gift idea, and honestly it would put a smile on my face if I got anything on this list. If ya’ll know me I might be slightly obsessive about my fur babies. Haha next to Jayden they are the cutest things ever. I tell my son pets are angels sent from heaven to watch over us. Anyone else agree with me? So today I can’t wait to share with you this pet lover gift guide for that person in your life who just loves their pets as much as I do, and a little tidbit about each of our fur babies and why they are so special to us! Read more below.

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So lets start with my first little fur ball right here, my Sasha bear. This kitty was a gift from my best friend right out of college, she has traveled with me to San Antonio, to Florida and back to Texas during my “single cat lady days”. She even rode a plane. You can say she’s pretty cultured and fancy lol. Sasha is my first fur baby and she will always hold a special place in my heart. No words can describe how special she is to me. She is truly a gift from God and my little Angel. You can see more of this pretty little girl on my Instastories!pet lover, cat, dog, pet gift guide, christmas gift guide for pets, anima lover, holidays with pets


1. Bubble Pet Carrier Waterproof Traveler Backpack 

2. Giantex Astronaut Pet Carrier Travel Backpack

3. Mistletoe Kitty Collar

4. Dog Mom Wine Glass

5. Fur Mama shirt

6. Oh My Dog Doormat

7. ‘Wilma’ Dog Treat Jar

8. Petcube Play: Pet Camera with 1080p Video

9. Pandaloon Panda Puppy Dog Pet Costume

10. 2018 The Fabulous Cat Lady Calendar

11. Kitty Ugly Sweater Coozie

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Kitty and Rotel are best friends. It’s like Garfield and Odie. They play together, steal food from the counter together, and they even sleep together sometimes. And if you ask why Sasha isn’t in the picture, well she doesn’t care for either of them lol. She is my cat and only shows affection to me. She just tolerates everyone else lol.

Kitty is our newest addition to the family. We got her earlier this summer. She is our miracle cat. She drove under my husband’s car from his work at the Port of Houston all the way to our home and somehow survived the forty-five minutes drive. She had a little limp, and the shelters wouldn’t keep her, they would euthanize her since she was an injured kitten. We tried to take her back to her momma at my husband’s work, but she was nowhere to be found, so we ended keeping her. She is the most loving and curious cat I know. Why is her name just Kitty? Well for a month when we had her I assumed she was a boy and had called her Tiny Tim because of her limp, but boy was I wrong lol. She was a girl and Jayden kept calling her kitty, since she was a kitten, so the name stuck. Last but not least is Rotel. Everyone asks why we named him that, well we didn’t. They named him that at the rescue center we adopted him at. Rotel was one out of four puppies in his litter, and the very minute I saw his picture I knew he was the one. My husband wanted his brother that had a Rottweiler look to him, but I’m not a fan of animals that look like they are angry all the time. When I saw Rotel, he was the chunkiest puppy out of all of them, and he had the cutest picture of him running, with the biggest smile on his face and all his little rolls. You can seem more of him when he was a puppy here. I knew he was the one, and sure enough he is the sweetest, and happiest dog we could have asked for. He is so smart, and loving, and his tail doesn’t stop wagging. He is Jayden’s best friend, and our guard dog when my husband is away. 


All of our fur babies are so special to us. They make us so happy. They are our angels and our best friends, and we are so thankful they chose us to be their forever home. I can’t imagine a life without them. I hope you enjoyed this pet lover gift guide. Do you have any pets? And if so comment below and share why they are special to you. Thanks so much for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend!

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