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My Secret to Having Work Life Balance as a Mommy Blogger

Being a mom is hard work by its self. Add juggling a part time job, starting a business, and running a blog and you wonder how does anyone do it? How do I do it? Well I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, there’s no real “secret” for success. It takes sacrifice, a lot of sleepless night, and tons of help to get it all done. It isn’t easy, but if your passionate about something you will get it done. This week I’ve teamed up with some amazing mommy bloggers to share our story on how we maintain balance as a blogging mom. Here’s my tips on balancing work and family life.


1. Create a schedule – Have a schedule and try to plan the best you can with all your daily activities, like household chores and errands. Prioritize what is important and what can be done later. Give yourself time in your schedule just in case your kiddo doesn’t want to cooperate with your schedule you have some wiggle room to move things around a bit.

2. Sacrifice sleep – The only time I can blog is at night when everyone is asleep and I don’t have any interruptions. If you are not a night owl then wake up a couple hours earlier before anyone wakes up in the morning. It is very stressful to try and write while you are with your kiddo during the day, plus you don’t want to miss out on your family time. It’ll make you feel guilty and stressed out.

3. Communicate with your family – Make sure your family knows what is important for you to get done and what your schedule is like. That way they won’t feel left out or neglected because you are too busy blogging.

4. Create a tribe – Get together with other like minded blogger mamas who will be there to support you along the way. No one will understand the pressure or the stress you go through like your Mommy Tribe. They will be there to lend a ear when you just need to vent.

5. Ask for help – I honestly don’t think I could have had any type of sanity without the help from my husband and our family. They are always there to help watch Jayden when I go to work or attend blogger events, and they assist me in taking pictures for my blog. My hubby also always make sure I get caught up on sleep when he is off work. And he does his equal of not more in keeping up with the house hold chores and cooking.

So let’s be honest. Beside every super mom is an amazing support system that gets her through the day. Balance is just realizing at the end of the day what matters most is not the words on the screen but the inspiration behind it. I write because everyday I am inspired and motivated by my family’s love and support. They are my secret to success. ?

<3 Dawn


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8 thoughts on “My Secret to Having Work Life Balance as a Mommy Blogger

  1. Very helpful tips! I am struggling with this right now, as sometimes it is hard to find the time in the day. When I first started, I was very good at being ahead of schedule. A very busy first few months of the year, has not allowed me to do that so I feel like I am playing catch up! There have been a lot of early mornings for me! Thanks for the share.

  2. Having a schedule is such a huge part of how I am able to work, blog, and go to grad school full time! I essentially survive on coffee, my planner and tons of post-it notes! Great list!

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