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6 Low Maintenance House Plants


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Hope you are having a great week! Today I am sharing my six low maintenance house plants I have in my home and how I take care of them. I’ve had tons of questions about my plants, and to be fair it’s been a lot of trial and error. My first year as a plant mom I did not have that green of a thumb, but as I’ve progressed I’ve gotten better and keeping my plants alive. I’ve also found that in most cases with house plants less is more. Sometimes we can kill a plant by overwatering, giving it too much sun, or food. Luckily I’ve found some amazing house plants that only require weekly maintenance so you don’t have to worry about watering it everyday. Check them out below!


1. Jade plant – also known as the lucky plant or money plant is a succulent native to South Africa. I have two of these plants on either side of the bed. I only water it weekly, but you could probably go two weeks not watering it. As long as you don’t let the soil get too dry. I also like to mist the leaves so dust doesn’t accumulate.PEACE LILY, LOW MAINTENANCE HO-- USE PLANTS

2. Peace Lily Plant –  I bought this plant in a four pack from Amazon with my Devil’s Ivy. I only water it once a week and keep it next to a window. You can tell when you need to water because the leaves will droop.FIG TREE, INDOOR TREES, HO-- USE PLANTS, LOW MAINTENANCE HO-- USE PLANTS

3. Fig Tree – I was first intimidated when getting these trees because I heard so many horror stories of people killing their fig trees. I actually found these to be super easy to take care of. I only water them once a week, and fertilize every three months with generic plant food. I also rotate them every week so the leaves get equal amount of sunlight and so they grow straight and not leaning towards the window.


4. Succulents – These are probably the easiest house plants to own as most don’t require much watering at all. You could probably go a month without watering these and they would still be alive. Since I water mine once a week I feel like it’s really grown!DEVIL'S IVY, LOW MAINTENANCE HO-- USE PLANTS

5. Devil’s Ivy – This was one of my first house plants and it’s really flourished. I bought it from Amazon in a four pack with my Peace Lily and both plants have done amazingly well. This plant doesn’t require much sun to grow. I have it in our laundry room next to a small window that doesn’t get direct sunlight and it is flourishing. I only water this plant once a week as well.corn plant, house plant, low maintenance

6. Corn Plant – This is another easy house plant I recently just added to my collection. It is bigger and takes up more space but I only have to water it once a week as well. I also rotate this plant so each side gets an even amount of sunlight and so it grows straight. Occasionally I will mist the leaves with water to give it a little sheen as well.

These six house plants are really easy to maintain and add so much life into your home. House plants are also beneficial in making the air you breath fresher and cleaner. I never thought I would have a green thumb, but these house plants make it so easy not to have one. I hope these tips help in taking care of your house plants. Thanks for stopping by!


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