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Caen France Family Travel Guide

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Hope you are doing well! Today I wanted to share a quick recap of our trip to Normandy Beach and Caen, France. We took a quick road trip from Paris so Jayden could see Normandy Beach and visit the World War II museum. We also visited the nearby city of Caen where we toured a medieval castle. Check out our photo recap of our trip below!

medieval castle, Caen, France Caen, France, Cathedral

How To Get There:

To get to Normandy Beach from Paris, the fastest way is to drive. There is no direct train that will take you there without having to drive at least twenty minutes. We rented a car and the drive was very easy and scenic. It was nice to be out in the French countryside. Caen is the closest city to Omaha beach.

What To Do:

The first thing we did was visit the Omaha Beach WWII memorial. Jayden was in awe and was reliving what it would have been like as an American soldier back then. When we went it was not busy.

There were a lot of things that were closed for the season as well. However one of the museums that was open the Overlord Museum was an unexpected surprise. I am not a fan of museums, however this one was unlike any I’ve been to. The museum is set up like a realistic WWII movie set with authentic uniforms, sound effects, and time period props. It gives you a realistic picture instead of just reading something off of a plaque. It was a really cool experience. Plus they have tanks and military guns outside from WWII where the kids can explore. Jayden loved it and for someone who isn’t such a history buff I enjoyed it too!

We then drove to Caen for lunch and to visit the Caen Castle a medieval time period castle. It is massive, and even with the hour that we went we only explored the outside of the castle which is completely free. They do charge to tour the inside which we did not have time for. The outside of the Castle also had a picnic area and play ground for the kids. Jayden loved it. The views from the top were spectacular especially during sunset. You could see all of Caen!

Where To Eat:

Right outside the castle grounds are tons of restaurants, pastry shops, and shopping. We didn’t get to spend too much time outside of the castle but we did get to eat at a cute sandwich shop and picked up some pastries to go. Caen is a very pedestrian and kid friendly town with plenty to see and do.

omaha beach, normandy beach, france OMAHA BEACH MEMORIAL


We really enjoyed our little day trip to the french countryside and can’t wait to explore more of France. There is so much history from medieval castles to WWII battle fields. It was definitely something we could check off of our bucket list!

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