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Bedroom Talk – 6th Anniversary Q&A


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Hope you are doing well! This week we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary, and we asked ya’ll on Instagram stories to ask us anything. So today in this YouTube video we are having a bedroom talk Q&A  sharing the one thing we don’t allow in our bedroom, and how it has helped us in our marriage. Plus it’s Josh’s first and maybe last YouTube interview on my channel, and though he isn’t a fan of the camera he was such a good sport to do it! To find out watch the video and read the blog post below!

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Today we thought we would get a little personal and share an inside look in our marriage with today’s bedroom talk 6th anniversary Q&A. I had to beg my hubby to be a guest on my YouTube channel, and even though he is naturally camera shy I think he did a great job stepping out of his comfort zone. So if you want to know what we think is our most annoying habit, who handles the money and who spends the money, plus how many kids we see in our future, check out the video below!

Bedroom Talk Q&A

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Like any bedroom, we use it for three main reasons, sleep, relaxation, and of course sex. Our bedroom is our haven to get away unwind and relax. I designed it to be comfortable, cozy, minimalistic, and also to share our love. We have our wedding and engagement photos on the wall, and even though our son sleeps in our bedroom with us, we do not allow toys or kid stuff in our room. We have a small basket of books at the corner of the night stand that we reserve for Jayden, but aside from that our bedroom focuses on us.

The one thing we do not have in our bedroom and will not allow is a TV. We don’t even have a TV downstairs in our living room. It’s funny when people come in and ask where is our TV. The only TV we have is in our game room upstairs and we don’t even have cable. Honestly we have found it better when it is out of sight and out of mind. In fact most of the days we even don’t watch it.

Josh wasn’t always this way in our relationship. In fact when we were first dating he had a TV in his bedroom that he always had on even when he was sleeping. It annoyed the heck out of me. I never got any good sleep and it was such a distraction. So when we  got married and moved into our home we also chose not to get cable and not to have a TV in our bedroom. Instead of a TV facing our bed we have our wedding photos and family photos on our dresser.

There’s so many benefits to not having a TV in our bedroom, from better sleep, less distraction, better communication, and a whole lot more sex. If Josh wanted to watch a game we went out and made a date out of it. Having one tv made us learn to compromise and take turn watching each others shows. We also found shows we loved to watch together. Plus when we went to bed we didn’t have to worry about being distracted by the TV and focused more on our relationship. So if you feel like the TV is getting in the middle of your sex life, aka hubs would rather watch the sports channel than do you, then take that TV out of the bedroom! Check this article for more reasons why to leave the TV out of your bedroom.

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Can’t believe it’s already been six years. Time has flown by. I honestly feel like every year just gets better and better, and maybe even a little easier. After you are with someone for so long you just get each other. Marriage is work but when you find what works for the both of y’all it doesn’t feel like work. I hope you enjoyed this inside look into our marriage and our fun bedroom talk Q&A.

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