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The Most Instagram-Worthy Brunch Spots in Houston

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Hey guys,

Hope you had a great weekend! So if you follow me on my Instagram and Snapchat, then you know how much I love to brunch. Every weekend my interns and I pick a new place in Houston to meet and have brunch. I love getting together with these amazing women where we can talk about our passion for blogging and ways to grow our business. After our meeting we always take pictures, so we love going to places with a great setting for blog photos. So I compiled my list of the most Instagram-worthy brunch spots in Houston, perfect for meeting up with friends and having a photo opportunity after. And who doesn’t love brunch? It’s the best of breakfast and lunch!

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The Most Instagram-Worthy Brunch Spots in Houston

1. Tiny’s No 5

 This is located in the Rice Village area and one of my favorite places to meet with other mom’s. It has a great outdoor setting, and is in its own little spot away from the busy shopping centers and restaurants. I love their chicken salad trio and sweet potato fries. Plus it’s right next to Tiny Milk and Cookies which is truly a slice of cookie heaven. I’m pretty sure one of the main reason I go to Tiny’s is for their cookies!

We are both excited to get cookies! This door is a cute picture opportunity as well as the patio and the famous vine wall where most Instagram photos are taken.

tiny milk and cookies

2. Tiny Boxwoods

This sister establishment is gorgeous restaurant near River Oaks. It has a beautiful garden setting in the back and perfect for hosting a baby shower or even a wedding! What I love most about this place is the avocado toast! It is definitely a must try on the menu!.

Tiny Boxwoods brunch

3. Common Bond

Located in the heart of Montrose Common Bond is always busy with its great coffee, desserts, and breads. The only bad thing about this place is trying to figure out what you what from the menu, because honestly if you have a sweet tooth like me, well then you want it all. Across the street are the famous retail shops and colorful mural walls like the one I took in this post.

Common Bond, Montrose, Houston, Brunch

4. Honeymoon Cafe

This cute corner cafe is located right in the heart of downtown next to the Icon hotel and all the coolest bars in the area. Their breakfast croissant sandwiches and fruit parfait are delicious. The cafe itself is very instagrammable, however if you step outside you can also get some amazing street shots of downtown as well. Check out my downtown post here and here outside of the Honeymoon Cafe.

The Honeymoon Cafe, Houston

5. Le Colonial

This two-story French Vietnamese inspired restaurant is one of a kind. The perfect place to try something new while enjoying the gorgeous luxury shopping centers of River Oaks. This is blogger central when it comes to a great place to have a photo shoot.

le Colonial in River Oaks, Houston

6. The Kitchen at the Dunlavy

This gorgeous restaurant is one of my favorites and overlooks Buffalo Bayou Park. It’s beautiful park like setting makes for a perfect picture opportunity. Plus how gorgeous are these chandeliers. I love the open table seating. My suggestion is to come early if you want to find free parking, however they do offer a valet as well.

the Kitchen at the Dunlavy

7. Sweet Paris

I can’t get enough of these crepes. What I love about this Parisian inspired cafe is they have an open kitchen where you can actually see your crepes getting made. Sweet Paris is located in City Center and Rice Village, and it’s one of my favorite places to get my crepe fix! Here is one of my photo shoots I took outside of the cafe. Isn’t this place absolutely adorable.

sweet paris, city center, crepes, brunch

8. Shade

I was introduced to this place by my wonderful intern Silvia from Lovely Silvia, and let’s just say it is definitely a secret little hole in the wall restaurant in the Heights. The food is amazing and it is right on the strip with all the cute shops and antique stores in the Heights. I highly recommend taking a stroll after brunch. Plus you can take a picture at the famous I Love You Wall.

the shade, heights, Houston, brunch

9. Tout Suite

Located East downtown near Minute Maid park and the near the famous Sugar Cloth Color wall. This is one of my favorite places to go for dessert and macaroons! This place is open early and closes late for those looking for a late night dessert fix.

sunday brunch outfit, brunch and mimosa, top bun, tiny boxwoods

How adorable is this Brunch and Mimosa shirt from Ruby Claire Boutique. Unfortunately it is sold out so I linked some other styles below.

camel peacoat, lace up heels, ripped black jeans brunch and mimosas, ripped jeans, black jeans, striped kate spade, camel trench coatSmelling the gorgeous blooms at Tiny Boxwoods.

Tiny Boxwoods, camel coat, kate spade bag, window pane scarf, black ripped jeans, lace up snake skin heels, top bun


I hope you enjoyed this round up of The Most Instagram-Worthy Brunch Spots in Houston. Stay tuned on my Instagram and Snapchat to see where we head to next this weekend!

<3 Dawn

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  1. Fabulous post girl! There is a few I haven’t tried yet, so I will be adding them to my list of places to go. Thanks for the great information. And your photos are fantastic. xo

  2. Absolutely LOVE these posts! I want to do something like this soon! I love brunch and I love Instagram photos sooooo it’s a must!

  3. Oh my word! I’ve only been to Sweet Paris but now I’m excited to check the rest of these places out!

  4. Uh oh, you’ve got me craving brunch at 11:30PM! Haha! It looks like these spots are all just fantastic, and I’ll have to check them out if I ever get the chance to visit Houston!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

  5. Dawn, I love this post!! I’m a lover of brunch, and this is such a good excuse to try new places!! Love this!! You look super cute in your outfit too!! Love the tee!!

  6. Ok, I’m officially hungry!! And loving your little brunch top 🙂

    xo, Kristina

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