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What’s in My Hospital Bag As A Second Time Mom

hospital bag, yellow pajama set, girl nursery, baby girl nursery, baby essentials

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Hope you have a great week! Officially 35 weeks and we finally packed our hospital bag. This time we are much more prepared than we were seven years ago now that we know what to expect. I remember the one thing I disliked about our first experience was how uncomfortable we were during our hospital stay after delivering our baby. So this time around I added some a few things that would make our stay so much better. Check out What’s in My Hospital Bag As A Second Time Mom below!

hospital bag, yellow pajama set, girl nursery, baby girl nursery, baby essentials


What’s in My Hospital Bag:

Hospital Bag Checklist:

For Packing:

  1. Rolling Luggage – Love a good rolling luggage to put baby, hubby, and my things in for our overnight stay at the hospital. Easy to maneuver and load things on.
  2. Weekender/Mom Bag – I love this monogrammed bag as my mom bag. I put all my labor essentials in this bag.
  3. Makeup Case – Best traveling case to store your makeup. It’s not a necessity but great for getting ready for photos.
  4. Hanging Toiletry Bag – This is a must especially since most hospital rooms lack counter space in their bathrooms. Having a hanging toiletry bag saves space and is easy to pack.
  5. Packing Cubes – These are so convenient for separating and packing baby’s, hubby’s, and my clothes and keeping it organized.

For Baby:

  1. Polaroid – For capturing unedited candid moments during this special time.💛
  2. Baby Monogram Blanket /Swaddles  – Great for taking baby hospital photos
  3. Welcome sign –  For baby announcements
  4. Car Seat/Stroller – We got the Doona because it’s an all in one and so much easier to transport than carrying a car seat. That was one thing I wish we had seven years ago when I had Jayden. I still remember the pain of having to lug a car seat around.
  5. Portable Sound Machine – This is great for white noise for baby since hospital rooms are not always the quietest areas for sleeping babies.
  6. Going Home Outfit – This is a great two piece set to bring for baby’s going home outfit.

For Mom:

During Labor:

  1. Portable Fan – Great for keeping cool and comfortable during labor. Also great for baby for attaching to her stroller to keep her cool during the summer.
  2. Essential oil diffuser – Helps with the hospital smell and provided aromatherapy.
  3. Massage gun – Great for hubs to use on you to help alleviate pain during labor
  4. Slippers – Keep your feet warm and comfy as you labor in the hospital

After Labor:

  1. Waterproof slides – For walking to the bathroom and or taking a shower at the hospital.
  2. Robe – I love this cute Mama one from Amazon. Soft and comfy and comes in different colors.
  3. Nursing Bra – These come in a pack of three and super comfy.
  4. Nursing Friendly Pajamas – I found this gown that is nursing friendly as well as postpartum friendly even if you have had a C-section.

For Dad:

  1. 10ft charging cable – You never know how far the outlets are in your hospital room.
  2. Bluetooth speaker – For playing music or Hypnobirthing during labor
  3. Portable charger – keep electronics charged when you are mobile
  4. Extension cord – gives you extra outlets and reach.
  5. Blanket/Pillow – Provide extra comfort for sleeping on the couch in the hospital rooms.

packing list, hospital bag



For my hospital bag I separated the things I need for labor in my mommy weekender bag, and the things for our stay at the hospital in the luggage. That way we don’t have to bring it in until after I deliver. I separated all of our clothes for baby, hubs, and mine in separate packing cubes for better organization.  I brought my LV tote because it has all my other travel essentials and one of my favorite travel bags. To see what I pack in my LV check out the post below!

Whats In My Travel Bag – Louis Vuitton Neverfull


louis vuitton neverfull, yellow nursery, girl nursery  hospital bag, yellow pajama set, girl nursery, baby girl nursery, baby essentials, pregnancy style


Excited for baby girl’s arrival and we are ready for her. I hope this post helps for any expecting moms out there. Thanks for stopping by!

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