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How to Survive in a Bipartisan Family During the Election


Hey everyone,

The elections are just around the corner and emotions and the tension is at an all time high. Especially if you are in Texas. Let’s just say there are a lot of families divided in this election including my own. And though there will be a loser and winner next week, the outcome of the election shouldn’t cause a rift in our relationships with our friends and family. So today I thought I’d share what my experience in having a bipartisan family in Texas and tips to surviving the election.

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I grew up in Texas my whole life, in a very conservative, Republican, catholic Texas family. There are things you grow up knowing is important to your family and family beliefs. And in Texas some things are just rooted for generations to generations that it is hard to change. I was not always the poster child of obedience for my parents. I’m sure I challenged them in so many ways and on multiple occasions. And though we didn’t always agree on everything we always could have honest conversations with each other.

I sometimes look back and wonder what my parents thought raising a gay son and a feminist daughter. Yet even as conservative as they were they never made us felt less loved or accepted for being who we were. There are some days I think my parents are so closed-minded for having such conservative “dated” views, but then I remember they raised us. If we didn’t have the supportive family we had who was there for us no matter what we did or what we believed in, then maybe it’s me who is being closed-minded for not accepting my parents for who they are. I also have to remember that one day my children may not agree with my political affiliation. And though we might disagree we are still family.

So how I do I survive living in a bipartisan household this election? With faith, understanding, and love. Faith in people rather than politics. Understanding that not everyone will agree with you and it isn’t personal. And if there is one thing Jesus has always taught us is to love your neighbor. He did not turn his back from people who disagreed with him, rather welcomed them in. My parents, my husband, or my in-laws may not agree who I vote for this election, but that’s ok, because regardless they are still my family. Louis Vuitton monogrammed neverfull GM, #fallstyle, #fallfashion Rainer Bootie, #mydsw, #dswstylesquad


Last week when we were in Boston, we had the opportunity to tour Harvard University. Many of our greatest leaders and minds graduated from there, and maybe one day Jayden will be too. I wore my “Use Your Power to Empower” shirt as a reminder that we all are blessed with gifts to bless others. As a blogger who has the power to influence with words, I hope when you read this blog and are encouraged, motivated, and inspired.Thank you for following along! Have a great day!

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