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Ella Is Two Months Old

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Hope you are doing well! Can’t believe two months have flown by with our little Ella girl. She grows and changes every day. I love watching her grow. It’s crazy to think that she has only been her for two months. Just amazes me to think she was just in my belly growing, and now she is here making her way in this world. She is beyond precious and we can’t get enough of her. Check out her two month photos below!

Enjoying these newborn snuggles as much as I can. Even though we don’t get much sleep these days, I am thankful for these moments because I know it doesn’t last long. I see how fast Jayden has grown. To me it only feels like yesterday when he was a baby. Even though I take daily photos of Ella, it seems like it is never enough. I wish I could capture every memory so vividly as the moment it happened.

These past two months have been pure newborn bliss with our Ella girl. I am so thankful to be her mama and watch her grow with her big brother. Check out more Ella post below!

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