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Ella Is Three Months Old

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Hope you are doing well! I can’t believe our Ella girl is three months old already. Honestly she is the sweetest little angel baby, and so easy. I don’t ever remember it being this easy with Jayden. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s a girl or because we are second time parents, but this newborn stage is so enjoyable. If we had Ella first I think we would have had five kids by now lol.

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This past month she has transitioned in her own room and has been sleeping 7-8 hour stretches through the night. It surprised me the first night that I didn’t sleep a wink because I was just waiting for her to wake up. We took the Taking Cara Babies 5 month bundle class when she was born and have implemented all those tips and tricks and it really helped! She is such a good sleeper and napper that she even puts herself to sleep. We don’t even have to rock her to sleep anymore. It is so crazy to think that she is sleeping in her own bed because with Jayden, he slept with us till he was five. Honestly I felt a little sad that Ella was already sleeping on her own. But at least I am still breast feeding her and occasionally we take naps together so I can get our cuddles in.


Ella had her two month check up a couple weeks ago and she is a tall skinny girl according to the charts. And she is also way advanced in her motor skills. She is already rolling over by herself! I think we might have another athlete on our hands like her brother. I was really hoping to have a chunky little baby with some rolls on her thighs. Guess we will have to see. Either way we are so thankful for our sweet little Ella, and love watching her grow!

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