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5 Tips To Prepare Your Kids for Back to School

This post is sponsored by Walmart. All thoughts and opinions are all mine.


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Hope ya’ll are doing well! Back to school is just around the corner, and whether you are doing in school or doing at home learning, here are five tips that will help prepare your kids for the upcoming school year.

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5 Tips To Prepare Your Kids for Back to School


1. Teach your child how to get their clothes ready for the school the day  – Teaching this basic step will avoid having to deal with it early in the morning and can help save time getting ready. I found these basic pocket tees, white sneakers, and jeans from Wonder Nation at Walmart for under $12! These are easy to mix and match and takes the stress out of getting ready. We stocked up on Jayden’s back to school fashion essentials at Walmart, and I even picked me out this cute jumpsuit for $15 too! Walmart has a great selection, quality clothing for a great price.

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2. Have a bedtime routine – Starting an early bed time now will prevent grumpy school mornings. We bought Jayden his own alarm clock so he can learn about time, and so we can’t get him on a schedule. I also picked out this cute PJ set for $12 at Walmart and this “Night Before Kindergarten” book to read at bedtime. Jayden loves this book, and it makes him even more excited for kindergarten.bed time stories, kindergarten kids Walmart pajamas kindergarten workbook

3. Get them familiar with the curriculum – I found this Kindergarten work book at Walmart for Jayden. We started it early so Jayden can get use to the curriculum. Plus with the uncertainty of schools these days, it’s a great teaching book for at home learning. kindergarten work book back to school supplies

4. Buy your school supplies early – The sooner the better when it comes to school supplies. You don’t want to wait last minute to get school supplies because some items might sell out. I bought Jayden’s school supplies online at Walmart which made it so easy. You can easily look up your child’s school and it pulls up their school supplies list. Plus you can pick it up curbside or have it shipped to your home. vans, kids face mask, back to school outfit first day of school sign

5. Familiarize them with their school route – Whether they are riding the bus, walking, biking, or getting dropped off, practice those routes with them so they are familiar with it beforehand. We bought Jayden these face mask for school and have practiced wearing it since he wants to ride the bus. Jayden has also been practicing riding his bike without training wheels so he can ride his bike to school when he gets older.riding bike, back to school back to school, spider man bike, kids bike


With back to school less than a month ahead we want to be as prepared as possible for whatever the school year may bring. Shopping at Walmart has made it easier for us to prepare and get ready for school. I hope these five tips help you prepare for this upcoming school year. Thanks for stopping by!

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