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5 New Home Essentials – Amazon Prime Day Sale

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There is still a couple of hours left for the Amazon Prime Day sale, and today I am sharing my must haves since moving to our new home that we absolutely love and use everyday. If you are looking to save on these items Amazon Prime Day has some great deals including $350 off my favorite Robot vacuum. Check out my five new home essentials today and how you can save with Amazon Prime.

5 New Home Essentials – Amazon Prime Day Sale

  • Roomba – We have the iRobot Roomba 960 which we love! It hooks up to our iPhone so we can schedule when to clean wirelessly. Since getting our home with our wood floors, tile, and carpet, we love having a robot vacuum that can clean all the surfaces daily. The only maintenance we do is empty to trash bin daily. Other than that it keeps our floors looking clean and pet hair free. You can’t even tell we live with three pets and a toddler! There are three types of Roomba’s available and on sale including one onsite for only $300!
  • Outdoor Ring Camera – When we got our home, security was the first thing on our mind! We installed this outdoor Ring camera in our garage so we can monitor our backyard. Plus I can also see what our dog is up to when we are not home too. We love it because it has a motion detector and updates on our Ring App on our phone.
  • Ring Doorbell – Another thing we installed in our home for security purposes. Since my husband is gone for work a majority of the time, having the Ring app where he can view on his phone as well as mine gives me a piece of mind when he is away. Plus I can easily see if my packages arrived wherever I am with the Ring doorbell! Amazon currently has a deal with Echo which works with voice activated smart home Alexa!
  • 5-in-1 8-Speed Stick Blender – If you need one appliance in your kitchen, it’s this! This does everything you need with one speed stick blender. It is handy for the kitchen and it is easy to store that it won’t take up space on your counters. I use mine every time I cook!
  • Electric Wine Opener – Alright I never knew how much I needed one of these until the day of our housewarming party and my manual wine opener broke. I never knew how easy opening bottles could be with this electric wine opener. Plus for it being under $20 it is definitely worth it! You will never want to go back!


I hope this guide helps in getting the best deals out of the Amazon Prime Day sale for your new home essentials. If you have any questions about the sale or the products, don’t hesitate to comment below! Thanks for stopping by!

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