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36 Weeks Pregnancy Update

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Hope you are having a great week! Answering your questions and giving you a  36 week update on my pregnancy with baby girl. Sharing the good and the bad from pregnancy symptoms, weight gain, to potential baby names. Read more below!

36 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Current Cravings

It’s been non stop sweets and carbs for me. I can’t get enough of my local donut shop’s glazed donuts and Lindt Lindor 5 Flavor Chocolate Truffles. This girl better come out sweet for the amount of sweets I’ve been eating lol!

Pregnancy Symptoms

From my sciatica, swollen feet, carpal tunnel, and Pregnancy rhinitis my pregnancy has gotten very uncomfortable. I’ve been seeing the chiropractor every week which helps so much with my sciatica. Josh also got me this leg and compression massager which helps too! At this point my only shoes I can wear are these sandals because of how swollen my feet as gotten.

Weight Gain

I’ve gained over 40lbs and the swelling hasn’t helped. Plus this girl is in the 70% percentile and already measured 6lbs at 35 weeks! She is so much bigger than Jayden, and all this extra weight I’m carrying is very uncomfortable. I can’t even bend over or get up without assistance. I’m not worried about the weight gain as I am pushing out a big 9-10lb baby. Currently walking a mile, doing lunges, jumping jacks, and ball sits to get this girl out naturally before she gets too big!

Jayden training to be a big brother with Cheeto. Cheeto enjoying his time as the baby until baby girl gets here. Can you believe how much my belly has grown from 20 weeks to 35 weeks!

Due Date

We just had our 36 week appointment this week and it doesn’t look like baby girl is coming anytime soon. I am only one centimeter dilated! My due date is technically June 15, but I am praying she makes her arrival soon. Hopefully in May so she can be a Taurus like me, but if she’s born in June then she will be Gemini like my mom. It’s like God’s way of answering my mom’s wish when I gave her a hard time as a teen and she would say, “One day you are going to have a daughter who will treat you like how you treat me.” My girl would be my mom’s mini and Karma coming to get me lol!

Name for Baby Girl

We don’t have an official name for baby girl because I am waiting to see if she will be a May baby or June baby. I feel like her birthday will determine her name. Like I said I’m secretly hoping for a May baby or I might have to name her after my mom lol!

Hoping this is the last update before baby girl makes her arrival. With Jayden I was almost a week late. Here is a post I wrote seven years ago when I first started blogging and I was documenting my time as a first time mom.

40 weeks and 2 days later….

Praying I don’t have another late baby but who knows! She will come when she is ready. I definitely won’t stop trying natural ways to induce her. But we will see!

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