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20 Easy Tips for the Best Instagram Post + 20K GIVEAWAY!!!

20 Easy Tips for the Best Instagram Post by Houston fashion blogger Dawn P. Darnell - rebecca minkoff, blazer, chicwish, houndstooth skirt, nude heels, fringe top

Happy Monday everyone,

First of all, I hope everyone had a great weekend with their family! Secondly, thank you everyone who entered in the Lane201 Boutique and Amazing Lash giveaway, the winners are listed at the end of this post. And last but not least, thank you everyone who helped me reach 20k+ on both my Fitness and Fashion Instagram accounts! For my last 10k milestone I shared 10 THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME, but this time I am doing something different and sharing 20 tips for the best Instagram post. Plus I am giving you a chance to win a gift card for you and your bestie to shop and one of my favorite stores! Remember when I said there is no secrets to growing your Instagram just THE UGLY TO TRUTH, well they are also tips to creating a great Instagram post that will get you reposted by big brands, garner tons of likes, and in turn grow your following! So check out my 20 tips for the best Instagram post, plus this houndstooth skirt outfit, and don’t forget to enter in the giveaway below!

20 Easy Tips for the Best Instagram Post by Houston fashion blogger Dawn P. Darnell - fringe top, houndstooth skirt, fringe black top,

20 Easy Tips for the Best Instagram Post

1. Clean your lens

 I tend to always get dirt on my iPhone lens, especially when you have a kiddo, as simple as it seems we tend to forget sometimes we accumulate dirt and dust on our iPhone lens, and cleaning your lens will make a world of difference when taking your photos. 

2. Use natural light

Try to take your photos during the day, using natural light from your window for flat lays or when taking selfies is always best.

3. Stay away from direct sunlight that cause harsh shadows

4. Use a neutral back drop like a blank white wall

5. Spice up your Instagram feed by using a colorful mural wall for your backdrop

6. Add flowers to your photos

Whether you are carrying flowers, taking pictures next to a cherry blossom tree, or have flowers in your flat lay, flowers make a perfect photography prop.

7. Take different angles

Move with your camera to capture different angles to share your own perspective. This keeps your photo from being boring and like everyone else. 

8. Make a move

Whether you are jumping, walking, or twirling, these photos are a great way to add life to your photos.

9. Throw in a laugh

Everyone loves a laugh, even if it is staged or genuine, these photos always get tons of likes.

10. Get detailed shots

Detailed shots of your outfit are the most reposted photos from brands so don’t be afraid to take some snapshots of those  sleeves or cool new shoes.

11. Take a selfie

Whether it’s a mirror picture, a downward shot of your outfit, or a close up of your gorgeous makeup, everyone loves a good selfie.

12. Take multiple shots

For every good selfie that makes it to Instagram, there were at least twenty that didn’t. It’s always good to have multiple options to choose from. 

13.  Use an editing program to edit your photos

I use the Lightroom App for almost all of my photos to edit.

14. Brighten and saturate your photos

Bright color photos will stand out in your Instagram feed.

15. Use the “Rule of Thirds” when centering your photos

16. Take a trip

Travel pictures make great Instagram photos, and always get tons more likes.

17. Capture your audience with a great caption

Tell a story, a funny joke, or ask a question that gets your audience to engage with you. 

18. Tag location and brands in your photos

Grow your audience by reaching more people through using location tags and tagging brands. Plus you never know you just might get reposted. 

19. Invest in a good camera

For professional looking photos investing in a good camera and lens is key. I have this camera and use this lens for my pictures.  Stay tuned for my post on cameras every blogger needs!

20. Use 30 hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get discovered and to reach a larger audience. 30 is the max hashtags you can use, so use them all to reach more people!


20 Easy Tips for the Best Instagram Post by Houston fashion blogger Dawn P. Darnell - blazer, houndstooth skirt, love cross body bag, nude pumps20 Easy Tips for the Best Instagram Post by Houston fashion blogger Dawn P. Darnell - ear jacket, daniel wellington20 Easy Tips for the Best Instagram Post by Houston fashion blogger Dawn P. Darnell - light weight blazer, nude heels, rebecca minkoff bag, chic wish, work wearlove cross body bag, chic wish blazer, nude heels, blazer, chanel bag

I love this houndstooth skirt paired up with my favorite light weight blazer for a perfect night-time look, for Easter Sunday, or even as a work wear outfit. Check out how I styled this blazer in this look here.

hounds tooth skirt, daniel wellington watch, zara, fringe top houndstooth skirt, nude heels



Thank you for those who entered in the Lane 201 Boutique Giveaway, and the Amazing Lash Giveaway. The winners are:

Lane 201 Boutique: visit the original post here

Amazing Lash: Sammy P.

And now for a new giveaway! I’ve teamed up with one of my favorite stores to give you and your bestie two $25 Gift Cards to shop for your next girl’s night out! Enter in the Rafflecopter here!

I hope you use these 20 tips for the best Instagram post. Trust me it will help with growing your Instagram. Let me know if you have any questions or would love to learn more comment below! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Yes girl all of these are GREAT tips!! Congrats again on 20k, such a huge milestone!

  2. Such a good post! I always get stuck in a rut with the type of Instagram posts I do so this was a great creativity refresher! Love it!

  3. Yesssss! I’m living for your outfit and your legs❤️
    Reading through these IG tips was extremely helpful. I’m a new blogger and I just recently started editing my pictures. I wish I knew all about this 8 months ago when I first started!! Congrats on your milestone! I hope to get there one day!

  4. I love your tips! The rule of thirds can actually be so fun – I love coordinating posts!

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