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Hope you are doing well! Today I have rounded up my favorite items from 2020 that I can’t live without and sharing it with y’all today. From home to fashion and even beauty I’ve covered my favorites below. Check out why these items made the cut and why you need them in your life!




  1. Kitchen Aid Mixer – Alright guys so I never really knew the hype with this mixer until I got one and actually put it to use. It has made cooking and baking so much easier, and I enjoy cooking more than ever. I never thought a kitchen appliance would actually make such a big difference in my cooking, but this really does. This kitchen aid is more than just a pretty thing to put on your counter, it’s quite useful too!
  2. Magnolia Table Cook Book Volume #2 – My husband bought this for me for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I loved that it had Mediterranean recipes like stuffed cabbage, stuffed grape leaves, and baklava from Joanna’s Lebanese side of her family. I also have her first book which has some of my favorite southern recipes and even some Korean recipes too!
  3. White Kitchen Knife Set – I got these knives mostly for the aesthetics to match my kitchen but fell in love with use. I love that it has its own knife sharpener included with the set.
  4. Shark Robot Vacuum – So before getting this I had the iRobot which we loved, but our house is so big it would run out of battery before completing the whole house. So we ended up investing in the Shark and actually prefer it more than the iRobot for three reasons: 1. It’s so much quieter so it doesn’t spook our pets. 2. It has two swivel brushes instead of one for better cleaning. 3. It’s half the price!
  5. Shark Coordless Vacuum – After falling in love with the Shark Robot vacuum we decided to get the cordless vacuum so we could vacuum our stairs and our furniture of all the pet hair. This vacuum does wonders with cat hair. I can’t say enough good things about this. We use it everyday and it’s great for kids to use too. This is my son’s vacuum for helping clean around the house.
  6. Camel C0at I’ve had this coat for several years and it’s just such a great staple coat that I get such a great use out of. It’s definitely a must have and continues to be a fashion favorite. Check out more everyday blazers and jackets here.
  7. House slippersI love these slippers because they actually last, and don’t fall apart like my $20 Amazon pair. I love how thick the sole is because it feels like I’m walking on a soft furry cloud. It’s my go to house slipper. Check out more of these cozy options here.
  8. $12 Joggers –  So these are probably the softest joggers you will ever own. I love it so much I bought it two different colors. The only downside with these joggers is the quality control, probably because they are so cheap. But Amazon has a great return system so it all works out. Check out more comfy joggers here.
  9. Cruiser Bike – After a whole summer of having a bike shortage they finally came back with my yellow huffy bike. Hubs got it for me this Christmas so I could ride around with Jayden and I love it. It’s probably my favorite Christmas present!
  10. Fenty sunscreen – So I am very picky about my sunscreen when it comes to the texture, the smell, and the ingredients and honestly I’ve only been able to find two that I love and use. I heard such good things about this sunscreen and decided to try it out. It has now become my everyday sunscreen, and I can’t get enough. I also love that they have refillable containers which eliminates less waste. This sunscreen smells amazing, so moisturizing, and goes on evenly without that greasy feeling. I 100% recommend this for everyone!
  11. Folex Cleaning Spray – If you have kids or pets I feel like this is a must have for the home. It has gotten so many stains out of carpets and furniture including red juice! It’s so good y’all!
  12. P448 Sneakers –  I recently got these sneakers and they have been my go to sneaker. They are so comfy plus not to mention super cute too! Check out more high fashion sneakers here.
  13. Packing Organizers – If you are looking to travel you need these. Especially if you have a family, you can get different colors to help organize your everyones things. It makes it so much easier to pack for trips and we don’t pack without it.


I hope you enjoyed this round up of my favorite must have products of the year. Did any of these make your list?

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