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The Day He Found Out He Was Going To Be A Dad

Happy Friday, me and Josh are off to Akumal and Tulum Mexico! We are so excited to spend a kid free week together, and can’t wait for the adventures we have planned! Today I wanted to share an early Father’s Day tribute to the best dad there is, and share the story of the day when Josh found out he was going to be a father. I also found old pictures lol! We were so young and scared back then lol! It was the biggest surprise of our life, and nothing we planned, but the day we found out I knew Josh was going to be the best dad to our little one. Read the full story below.

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4 Steps to Moving Forward After the Elections

4 Steps to Moving on After the Elections

The elections are over, and for half of the nation right now is in disbelief of the outcome. Coming from a Texas and Republican household with some including myself voting the other side, the past couple months were tough, especially on social media. It has divided many households, questioned friendships, brought out the worse in some people, but it also brought out legitimate concern from both sides. But now that results are in we are a divided nation trying to come together after a very historical and epic election night. Yes I cried last night, it was very emotional election moment for me, being able to vote for the first ever female president. But I have realized that even though she did not win today does not mean we have not progressed as women. We have come a long away. There will be far better female candidates out there that America can stand behind, and I am willing to wait for that. I know God has great plans for this country, and I know he will see us through this. And for everyone else whether you were on the winning or loosing side of election day here are my final thoughts and four steps to moving forward after the elections.

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