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4 Steps to Moving Forward After the Elections

4 Steps to Moving on After the Elections

The elections are over, and for half of the nation right now is in disbelief of the outcome. Coming from a Texas and Republican household with some including myself voting the other side, the past couple months were tough, especially on social media. It has divided many households, questioned friendships, brought out the worse in some people, but it also brought out legitimate concern from both sides. But now that results are in we are a divided nation trying to come together after a very historical and epic election night. Yes I cried last night, it was very emotional election moment for me, being able to vote for the first ever female president. But I have realized that even though she did not win today does not mean we have not progressed as women. We have come a long away. There will be far better female candidates out there that America can stand behind, and I am willing to wait for that. I know God has great plans for this country, and I know he will see us through this. And for everyone else whether you were on the winning or loosing side of election day here are my final thoughts and four steps to moving forward after the elections.

4 Steps to Moving on After the Elections

1. Forgive and have mercy

I was reminded this at church service last week, and I think this is the first step for everyone recovering from this election. It has been tough, and I know many homes and friendships divided because of this, but let us not hold grudges, resentment, or fear because of who someone voted for, or what they said that may have been offensive to you. Release the negativity and forgive them, for we are all human and we are all sinners. Have mercy on those who cannot see your point of view, as you have never walked in their shoes or lived their life. It is not up to us to pass judgement.

2. Have compassion and understanding

Do not gloat or boast of your win, or get angry and hold malice towards others because of your loss. It takes a lot of understanding to accept defeat, but it takes compassion to accept the winner. There are so many hateful comments out there from people on both sides and unfortunately it isn’t helping the situation. Exercise your freedom of speech but do it with both compassion and understanding. Sharing hateful messages or comments on Facebook is not the answer. Remember there are people, your fellow neighbors, who live in fear with uncertainty of their rights, gloating and telling them to leave the country because they lost is very un-American and un-christian thing to do. We are better than that.

3. Have Patience

The storm will come and go, and yes there are many changes to be made, but have patience. Have patience with your neighbor and all of their Facebook status updates of their concerns or grievances with the election. Have patience with the newly elected President. Let us not be quick to judge or condemn rather let him have his time to prove himself as president. And have patience with your country. America isn’t made great in a day, it took hundreds of years, trials and tribulations for America to come this far. There is always room for progress, but it won’t happen overnight.

4. Pray for one another

Pray for your neighbor, for your country and for your new president that God will give us strength to continue to move forward, to come together stronger than ever to make this country better than it was yesterday. Our country is great, and we cannot let fear reside in our hearts because insecurities from this election. Do not be afraid, because God is  good, and God is great, and there is nothing he will not put us through that he won’t see us through it.

4 Steps to Moving on After the Elections 4 Steps to Moving on After the Elections 4 Steps to Moving on After the Elections 4 Steps to Moving on After the Elections4 Steps to Moving on After the Elections

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And for those who want to do more, who want to see change start with your home, and your community, because that’s where the real change comes from. Not from one politician, not from Congress, but from you, our fellow neighbors, and our community. We the people make the difference, we can educate, give back, we can rebuild our community. Remember Thanksgiving and Christmas is around the corner. Let us think of ways we can give thanks, how we can celebrate the Lord, and how we can make this country greater than it has ever been by coming together and working towards a common good. Because we are all family under the eyes of the Lord.

<3 Dawn

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