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First Day of November – Lace Bell Sleeve Top

Happy first day of November ya’ll!

These past couple days have been full of trick or treat fun, but I am glad it is over with because this mom is exhausted. I came down with a little cold yesterday and currently recovering now. I love November. It is probably my favorite month of them all. I love this time of year down here in Texas. The weather is the best, Thanksgiving falls on this month which happens to be my favorite holiday of the year. I love the idea of getting together as a family and just being thankful, and of course stuffing my face with all this good food is a big plus too! But November has to be my favorite because four years ago at this time something very special happened, and it was God’s way of showing me that everything happens for a reason and that true love happens when you least expect it. So stay tuned because today I am sharing why November gives me all the feels and this beautiful lace bell sleeve top below!

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NYFW September 2017 Schedule

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Alright first of all, let me tell you how nervous I am right now and maybe even a little overwhelmed. Tomorrow we are headed out to New York Fashion Week, and we are going to hit the ground running. I can’t believe in one month I was able to get as much done as I have with everything that goes into NYFW. Let me tell you it is not the faint of heart. I definitely think I had an advantage with having worked with several brands and PR companies in NYC. To tell you the truth I didn’t think I would be invited to NYFW. I mean me, a small little Texas mom blogger? Who would have thought?  I still can’t believe I am making one of my biggest dreams come true, and I am getting to work with some amazing brands to give you the full NYFW experience. So without further ado, as I said in my previous NYFW post here is my NYFW schedule:

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