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5 Activities You Can Do With Your Toddler to Replace Your Boring Cardio Routine

When I say I don’t do cardio, I mean I don’t do cardio in the gym. But I am constantly doing cardio keeping up with my little man. Everyone always ask me how I stay fit, and I am not joking when I say being a boy mom. This little guy keeps me on my toes, whether it’s asking me to play baseball with him, or being his jungle gym he likes to climb and jump on, this momma gets her daily workout just trying to keep up with this busy toddler. Today I am sharing activities you can do with your toddler to replace your boring cardio routine!

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10 Minute Booty Blaster Stroller Workout

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Happy workout Wednesday!

Hey guys, so I am super excited to bring you this short but very intense 10 minute booty blaster stroller workout video. For the moms who hate going to the gym, has a little one that is not quite old enough for the gym daycare, or just wants a fun workout alternative to do with their kiddo,  here is a great stroller workout you can do to help target those glutes. This 10 minute workout is a great workout that can be done by anyone just starting out, or if you are advance you can add resistance by adding a resistant band or body weights. Check out my 10 Minute Booty Blaster Stroller Workout below.  You can sign up here to get the PDF printable of this workout!

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