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Floral Mommy and Me Look

Floral Mommy and Me Look, mom and daughter outfit, floral dress, floral sweater, baby girl outfit

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Spring is officially here, and today I wanted to share another cute mommy and me coordinating spring look with this Floral Mommy and Me Look. Since I’ve been in between sizes with my pregnancy and Ella has been growing so fast, I like to shop on a budget. I hate spending too much money on something we might not get to wear in a month. So today’s coordinating dress and sweater is under $20! Check out our look below!

Floral Mommy and Me Look, mom and daughter outfit, bump style, bump friendly dress baby girl outfit, baby girl spring outfit, floral sweater Mommy and Me style, mom and daughter outfit, floral dress, floral sweater, baby girl outfit  


This dress is bump friendly and currently wearing my normal size in a small. I don’t know if it will grow with me past my second trimester, but it’s great for now. I love the colorful florals. It’s perfect for spring. Ella is so cute in her floral sweater. Shein honestly has great baby clothing for cheap! It’s great quality too. Most of her clothes I get from there and they are darling!

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August Favorites: WIFE. MOM. BOSS

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