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A Mother’s Love – Strong As A Mother + GIVEAWAY

Happy Friday, everyone! This post might come a little later than usual. Yesterday we had a busy day with our mommy friends and went to the cutest brunch place made specially for moms with kids. There’s a park and so much room for activities, plus the food is really good too. Click here to see where we went. Today is a special post as we head into Mother’s Day weekend. I love sharing what motherhood means to me every year because it’s always fun to look back and read my thoughts back then and how they have evolved through the years. You can see my first, second, and third Mother’s Day post here. Today I wanted to share my thoughts about what it means to be strong as a mother and the one force that drives this unfathomable strength is a mother’s love. I once questioned Jesus love for us and the sacrifices he made years ago, but it wasn’t until I became a mother that I realized what that love is. I’ve never loved a man more than myself, but the day my son came into this world, there isn’t a day I wouldn’t give up my life for him. He is everything to me, my pride and joy, my greatest blessing, he is why I am the strong as a mother.  Continue reading “A Mother’s Love – Strong As A Mother + GIVEAWAY”