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Being a Boy Mom

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Three years I will be celebrating Mother’s Day as a mom, and every year it means so much more. I owe so much of who I am now to this little guy right here. I didn’t plan to be a mom, but God’s plans has a way of showing you how much more there is to life. My heart has never been bigger, my days never been happier, and I have never been stronger now that I am a mom. They say when you’re a boy mom you are always tired but your heart is always full, and to me every hour I miss sleeping is every hour I get to play with my little guy, laugh at all his shenanigans, and just watch him grow to the wonderful little guy that he is. There will always be a special bond that a mom and her little man will share. I am so thankful God made me a boy mom, because he has shown me strength, grace, and love more than I could ever imagine. Today I am sharing some fun truths about the life of being a boy mom.

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What if I told you every time we go to the gym, we have McDonald’s or Wendy’s right after? Lol this boy loves his chicken nuggets!

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Being a boy mom means….

1. Never sitting still because you know you will have to be chasing, catching, or stopping your little guy from getting himself into something he shouldn’t.

2. Having a new-found love for baseball and trains.

3. Eating french fries and chicken nuggets every single day.

4. Getting tackled, jumped on, or ride like a “horsie”.

5. Trying to go to bed but getting smothered with kisses.

6. Never having to do cardio again at the gym because you know you will be getting plenty chasing the little man.

7. Standing out in every mommy and me class because your kiddo wants to do his own thing.

8.  Being the loudest and messiest table at every restaurant.

9. Zoo dates with other boy momma’s.

10. Waking up to the sweetest and happiest little kiddo every morning.
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My tank is $18 from here, and Jayden’s tank is from here.

Any boy moms out there? What does being a mom mean to you? Comment below. I would love to hear your responses. I hope you enjoyed your Mother’s day weekend. Hubs and I are hosting our first crawfish boil party and we can’t wait to celebrate with all of our family and friends!

<3 Dawn