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What’s Your Love Language? – I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve

Happy Monday Friends!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We had so much fun celebrating my sister’s birthday and my good friend Brittany’s baby showers. It was truly an eventful weekend with all of our family and friends. Today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite Valentine sweaters that I think is so stinking adorable. I mean look at those heart patches. They say don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, well in this case go for it girl! Plus, I am also sharing my results from my love language test and my husbands too! If you’ve never heard about the 5 Love Languages I highly recommend reading it! It’s great for figuring out what you value most as far as how you love being shown love. You can also take this test with your kiddo as well. Jayden is a little young for it now, but I am sure when he becomes a teenager and more difficult to communicate with it will be great to know. But today it is all about me and the hubby and our love language and this adorable heart patch sweater!

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Fashionable Finds – 10 Cute Mini Skirts on My Wishlist

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today I wanted to start a new series on the blog and share some of my favorite “Fashionable Finds” that I love. Ya’ll when it comes to shopping I am a very carefully thought out shopper. I am the girl who has tons of items in her bag online, but always waiting for the best deal before checking out. I love finding great deals, great fits, and great styles that you may not normally find for yourself. Today it’s all about my favorite mini skirts I’m coveting this year, many are on my wish list, and of course sharing this adorable gingham bow mini skirt! Check out how I styled this mini skirt for a feminine yet edgy look, and my favorite fashionable finds when it comes to cute mini skirts currently on my wish list!

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6 New Changes to My site + Stripe Wide Leg Pants

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I am finally sharing one of my favorite must have Stripe Wide Leg pants, and six new changes to my website. Guys I have been blogging for over three years and I finally revamped my site. It took me awhile because honestly I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. For me one of the hardest things about blogging is all the back-end and technical stuff that goes to keeping up with it. Thankfully in these past three years I have made some amazing blogger friends who have been so helpful in helping me make these changes to my site. They have saved me so much time and money just by sharing their expertise. I honestly can’t thank them enough! I really hope you enjoy these changes, and it makes it easier for you to navigate through my site. Here are six new changes to my site and my favorite striped wide leg pants.

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