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Kendra Scott Fundraiser for Santa Fe – A Little Goes a Long Way

Happy Monday everyone! Hope ya’ll had a great weekend! Today I just wanted to recap my Kendra Scott event I had three weeks ago to help raise money for Santa Fe school shooting victims. I have so many people to thank, including everyone who came out, to all the amazing bloggers who partnered up for this event, and to all the brands who donated their time and service to make this a fun event for everyone. I also wanted to share a little Monday motivational thought on how a little act of service can make a difference in this world. And though we may not see the eventual outcome, I consider our actions like a drop in an ocean that creates a continuing and ever-growing ripple. We are that drop in the ocean that is part of a huge wave that will make a difference in this world. Read more of my recap and thoughts below.

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5 Tips to Networking at Events – Austin City Tour with Liketoknow.it

Happy Wednesday everyone! Last week I attended the Austin City Tour for Liketoknow.it and I wore this fun and flirty romper for under $50 at the event. It was such a fun and cute event at the beautiful venue Matties in Austin. If you’ve never been, it’s absolutely beautiful, and they have peacocks roaming freely on the grounds. But the best part about the event was meeting all the wonderful influencers of Liketoknow.it. It was such a great opportunity to finally meet these women who we’ve supported each other and followed through our blogs and social media. I think one of the most important things you can do as a business owner is grow your network and meet new people who could potentially be business partners, supporters, or even clients. Today I am sharing tips on networking at events and more details of what I wore at the Liketoknow.it city tour in Austin below!

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