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Breast Augmentation After Kids Q&A + Before & After Photos

Today I am officially sharing my breast augmentation experience after having a kid, and answering all your most asked questions in regards to my surgery. I am also sharing before and after pictures and videos in the video above! I do want to make a disclaimer is saying I am not a medical professional, and all of my experience and suggestions have been made by my personal experience with my surgery and in no way sponsored. Below I am posting all the questions I am answering in the video about my breast augmentation as well as sharing my first official bikini top pictures my husband took of me thirty days after my surgery. It was a little chilly when I took these so I had to layer up. Check out the rest of the post below!

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Pink Tulle Skirt for Valentine’s- BIG NEWS + BIG CHANGES

Happy Monday everyone! We are officially a week away from Valentine’s Day. Have you figured out what you want to wear yet? If you haven’t here is a flirty, Sex and the City inspiration for you with this pink tulle skirt I wore to an event last week. I haven’t worn this skirt since New York Fashion week, but it is one of my favorite pink tulle skirts and perfect for this time of year as we get into Valentine’s Day and the Spring. Funny story, when my friend and I were shooting downtown, we saw so many engaged couples with the same exact tulle skirt outfit taking engagement pictures at the Honeymoon Cafe. So in inspiration of not having to land in who wore it better, I’m sharing an edgier way to wear a tulle skirt so you can stand out for your next date night. Plus make sure to scroll down to the bottom because I am sharing some big life changing news that is happening to me this week! EEEK!

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