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Blogging 101

Blogging 101: 4 Tips to Being Unique as a Fashion Blogger

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Happy hump day everyone!

This week is literally flying by, and I did stay up super late so I could share this adorable spring outfit perfect for Easter or a day at the beach. I also wanted to talk to you guys about the importance of finding your unique style as a fashion blogger in this heavily saturated industry. Lets face it, it seems like there are a million and one fashion bloggers out there, and several of them working for the same companies, getting the same product to advertise. It can get very discouraging seeing one blogger, copy another blogger, posting the same outfit down from the same dress and shoes and calling it their own. Honestly as a blogger who follows a ton of fashion blogger. I get it, you are following a trend. But there is a big difference between following a trend, copying a trend, and setting the trend. Do you know where you fall?

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4 Steps to Moving Forward After the Elections

4 Steps to Moving on After the Elections

The elections are over, and for half of the nation right now is in disbelief of the outcome. Coming from a Texas and Republican household with some including myself voting the other side, the past couple months were tough, especially on social media. It has divided many households, questioned friendships, brought out the worse in some people, but it also brought out legitimate concern from both sides. But now that results are in we are a divided nation trying to come together after a very historical and epic election night. Yes I cried last night, it was very emotional election moment for me, being able to vote for the first ever female president. But I have realized that even though she did not win today does not mean we have not progressed as women. We have come a long away. There will be far better female candidates out there that America can stand behind, and I am willing to wait for that. I know God has great plans for this country, and I know he will see us through this. And for everyone else whether you were on the winning or loosing side of election day here are my final thoughts and four steps to moving forward after the elections.

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