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Blogging 101

Blogging 101: 4 Tips to Being Unique as a Fashion Blogger

chicwish, embroidered dress, maxi dress, easter dress, beach dress, straw bag, straw hat, boater hat, laceup heels

dress c/o| bag (similar)| shoes| hat (similar)| watch c/o|bracelet c/o

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Happy hump day everyone!

This week is literally flying by, and I did stay up super late so I could share this adorable spring outfit perfect for Easter or a day at the beach. I also wanted to talk to you guys about the importance of finding your unique style as a fashion blogger in this heavily saturated industry. Lets face it, it seems like there are a million and one fashion bloggers out there, and several of them working for the same companies, getting the same product to advertise. It can get very discouraging seeing one blogger, copy another blogger, posting the same outfit down from the same dress and shoes and calling it their own. Honestly as a blogger who follows a ton of fashion blogger. I get it, you are following a trend. But there is a big difference between following a trend, copying a trend, and setting the trend. Do you know where you fall?

turquoise necklace, red tassel earrings, embroidered white dress, lace up steve madden heels, boat hat, summer outfit, spring outfit

Here’s the deal, it’s important to have your own unique style because you have to ask yourself these questions:

1. What distinguishes your style from another fashion blogger?

2. Why would someone want to follow you?

3. How do you set yourself apart to get noticed from brands and companies?

4. If a PR person were scrolling down a series of pictures would your style stand out from the next person wearing the same exact shoes, or dress?

So lets look at my outfit for example. This dress was given to me courtesy of Chicwish, and yes, other bloggers were given the same dress too. So how did I make my style unique? If there were multiple outfits with the same dress, would you know which one was mine? Here are four tips to having a unique style as a fashion blogger.

1. Scroll through the company’s website and check out previous examples. This should inspire you to create something different from what has already been posted.

2. Switch up the accessories and the shoes to something that showcases your unique style. I love hats and big funky glasses. I usually have one or the other in all of my outfit post.

3. Change your back ground setting. If every picture of the dress is at the beach, do it somewhere different like a park, or in front of a mural wall.

4. Tell a story with your post, the when, where, and whys. This should be unique to your own personal experience.

picnic outfit, straw tassel bag, blue embroidered dress, easter dress boho chic, boho dress, maxi dress, beach dress, summer dress, spring dress red tassel earrings, turquoise necklace, daniel wellington watch, blue embroidery beach dress, chicwish dress, summer outfit,

I can’t get enough of this embroidered maxi dress! I am adding in to my collection of embroidered dresses. Check out some of  my favorites  for under $75 here. I can’t wait to wear this dress to the beach, or to brunch with my girls.tassel straw tote bag, embroidered dress, boat hat, lace up heels embroidered white dress, red tassel earrings, boater hat, tassel beach bag, summer outfit blue embroidery, maxi dress, summer dress, beach outfit, lace up steve madden heels, summer shoes, spring shoes


I hope these tips help in creating original content for you blog, and help you stay  true to your unique personal style as a fashion blogger.  Being unique will set you apart from others, it will give your readers something to look forward to, and will open up future blogging opportunities and fashion features.  Stay tuned tonight on my Snapchat and Instagram as I will be prepping and attending some wonderful charity fashion shows.

<3 Dawn

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23 thoughts on “Blogging 101: 4 Tips to Being Unique as a Fashion Blogger

  1. These tips are so great and helpful! I couldn’t do it without! The dress is so chic too!

  2. this dress is adorable and i love how you paired it with your shoes! While I am not a fashion blogger, i do love men and women’s fashion and styling. these are incredible tips for getting noticed. You don’t want to fit the mold of the typical fashion blogger.

  3. Amen sister! It is so hard to be true to your own style when there are so many copy cats out there but I am a firm believer that staying unique is best and is what will inevitably set you apart from the rest! Great post Dawn!


  4. I love this post! These are amazing tips especially to us who are still so new to the game! Thanks girl btw loving your outfit!!

  5. Dawn, this is such a great post!! It’s so true, and so important For bloggers to find their own style voice, and not copy others because that boring, and not cool. I love your dress!!! White and blue look so pretty on you!!

  6. Your my biggest girl crush. Love your style and you’re so good at this fashion and blogging about what you love. Now give me a peek at your closet. I want to see more!

    1. you are the sweetest! Thank you so much! So glad to have met you through blogging beautiful friend! <3

  7. You are so right, I see tons of copy’s of the same outfits over and over and I’m sure in guilty of it too. These are great tips, thanks girl!

  8. Amazing tips Dawn! I loved how you put those questions in the beginning, definitely evaluating my niche and answering these questions for myself! xo

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