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4 Tips to Staying Fit on Vacation

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! Today I wanted to share some quick fitness tips for you guys that will help you stay fit on your next vacation. Lets face it we don’t want to be at the gym everyday or counting calories when we are on vacation, but guess what you don’t really need to. Check out these four tips to staying fit on vacation.

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Fitness Fridays – Printed Workout Leggings for Under $50

Happy Friday everyone!

Or in my case happy Fitness Friday! Today I am keeping it short and sweet with this fashion inspired fitness post. There is nothing that gets me more motivated than getting new workout clothes for the gym. It gives me the boost of confidence I need to get in the gym on some days. Plus let’s be honest I get self-conscious in the gym all the time, especially after I became a mom, and with all my body changes I need a little something extra like a cute workout outfit to keep me motivates. Today on the blog I am sharing my favorite printed workout leggings for under $50!

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