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30A Family Trip Recap + Outfit Round up


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Hope you are doing well! This past week we took a trip to 30A in Florida for a fun family trip. We had planned this trip months ago, but had to reschedule it several times because of everything going on. But we finally were able to go and so glad we did. We love visiting this area of Florida. It’s a good 8-9 hour drive from Houston and makes for a fun road trip. Plus the water and the beaches are beautiful. Check out more of our 30A Family Trip Recap plus details of what I wore during the trip below!

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30A Travel Guide- Seaside, Rosemary, & Alys Beach

Hey guys so my the first of my travel videos and guide is up from our vacation. We visited three little beach towns Seaside, Rosemary, and Alys Beach, literally minutes from each other you could walk or bike from one town to the next. Each town had its own personality and vibe and if you are in the area I highly recommend to visit. It is a 9 hour drive from Houston, and the perfect vacation spot for families. This is our second time in the area because we absolutely love it, and I am sure we will be returning soon as it is one of our favorite vacation spots. Check out my 30A travel guide as I break down the top things to do at my favorite beach towns, where to stay, and places to eat. I also recommend watching the video as the pictures don’t do this trip justice! Plus you can see my boys making fart noises through video because of course boys will be boys right lol?

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