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How To Save Money On Family Trips

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Hope you are having a great week! This week we went on our first family trip with Ella. As our family grows so does the cost of traveling. And though we love to travel it can get costly for families, so here are some tips below to help save money when going on family trips.




  1. Go on the Off Season – Everything is less expensive from hotel room rates, gas prices, even plane tickets. Plus when you go on the off season it means less crowds which is great if you are traveling with kids.
  2. Look For Family Friendly Discounts – There are tons of places that offer family discounts for people traveling with kids. Look for these discounts when looking for a place to visit.
  3. Eat in – Instead of eating out every meal opt to eat in by buying everyday items like groceries and ready to eat meals at Walmart. Not only will it save you money but time, and the headache of having to wrangle your children at a restaurant.
  4. Buy Snacks and everyday travel essentials at Walmart – Instead of buying at the resort or hotel, you can save money by buying water in bulk and other everyday essentials like snacks, napkins, and diapers at Walmart. Plus you can find a Walmart in almost every major city and town in the U.S. so you can utilize their drive thru pick up for even more convenience!



I bought all of this at Walmart using their Online Grocery service on the Walmart App. Super easy and convenient for a busy mom like me who prefers not to shop in store with a newborn. It’s great because you can pick up from any local Walmart store near you, no matter where you travel.

New customers can use promo code TRIPLE10 to save $10 off their first three pickup or delivery orders. $50 min. Restrictions & fees apply.

Traveling with family doesn’t have to be stressful. There are ways to save on family trips and Walmart helps when it comes to saving money for families on everyday items like groceries. We always make sure to stop by Walmart to get our essentials when it comes to our family trips. I hope these tips help you save on your next family trip. Thanks for stopping by!

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This post is sponsored by Walmart. All thoughts and opinions are all mine.