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City Chic – Suede Skirt and Fringe Top


Woot! Woot! Here’s to a three-day weekend and a fun family trip to Dallas. We’ve got some fun activities planned, and I can’t wait to show you! Plus I’ve got some exciting news to tell you. But you will have to stay tuned on my Snapchat to find out first! In other news, is anyone obsessed with suede as much as I am?

City Chic - Suede Skirt and Fringe Top

City Chic - Suede Skirt and Fringe Top

I love this suede skirt I got on sale at Old Navy. I wore it to the rodeo in this post, but this week I decided to add a little city chic spin to it. I love suede because of its texture. It is one of the softest feeling material to wear. This outfit is tons of fun because of its mix texture, and city blues feel. This is the perfect outfit for a night out on the town.

 City Chic - Suede Skirt and Fringe Top

These shoes are by Jessica Simpson. I love heels with an ankle strap for added support. If you are like me and can’t really walk in heels then these are perfect for you. City Chic - Suede Skirt and Fringe Top

This Kate Spade purse is a closet staple of mine. I linked a similar one below, because this one is sold out!

I’ve worn this statement necklace multiple times, because it goes with almost anything!  You can purchase this necklace 20% off with my code “dawn20” at Mirina Collections.City Chic - Suede Skirt and Fringe Top
City Chic - Suede Skirt and Fringe Top

This fringe top is on repeat from this previous post here. As all of you already know about me, I’m obsessed with fringe. I love the movement of this top, and it’s perfect to go dancing in.

City Chic - Suede Skirt and Fringe Top

Hats off to you. This is my new favorite hat. I bought it on sale for under $20 at Nordstrom, courtesy of a shopping collaboration I had with them. More about that on a future post. This hat is a must have in your wardrobe. It’s perfect for those flat hair days in Texas.

City Chic - Suede Skirt and Fringe Top


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