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5 Things My Mom Was Always Right About


When I look back at my teenage years, I can honestly say I was a little prick growing up. I know it wasn’t easy raising a stubborn daughter like me who never listened, and thought I was smarter than my parents. I always thought my parents were to strict and too old fashioned, and growing up I vowed, I never would be like my mom. But then your mom’s famous last words of “one day you will know what it’s like to be a mom and one day you will know I am right” came true. I became a mom, and just like that I realized I knew nothing, just like John Snow in Games of Thrones. I realized all those years of me arguing and second guessing my mom, she was right all along. So this Mother’s Day I am dedicating this post to my mom. A tribute to all the things my mom was right about that I finally realized now that I am a mom.

5 Things My Mom Was Always Right About

  1. There are bad people out there that actually kidnap and sell children. – Ok so I know this is the harsh reality we live in with sex trafficking and child labor, but as I child I honestly thought my mom would just tell me those things to scare me so we wouldn’t wander off. You don’t realize the dangers of society until the day you have a child and realize all the horrific things that goes on in this world.
  2. No sleepovers – Uggh I thought my parents were so strict and backwards for never letting me sleepover at parties like all my other friends. I was only allowed to sleepover at one friends house growing up, but now I finally realized why. You never know what goes on in someone else’s home, and trusting your child in another’s family’s care that you barely know is risky.
  3. Limited TV screen time – My parents only let us watch PBS, and the news growing up, and occasionally some shows like Full House, and cartoons, but we were very limited to how much TV we could watch. I use to get so upset with my parents, but I realized how many more books we read, how many adventures we had outside because of it. With Jayden I am the same way, and I definitely see the benefit of it in his life too.
  4. Wear sunscreen – I honestly wish I listened to my mom about this. I hated the idea of wearing sunscreen because I thought it would prevent me from getting tan when I was in high school. All the cool kids were going to tanning beds to get a tan, and now we are all suffering from the irreversible damage on our skin.
  5. How hard being a mom is – I never realized the sacrifices my mom made to be the best mom she could be. I always thought she was crazy when she would get upset with us, when we were being ungrateful. But then I finally realize as a mom, it isn’t easy to balance having a full time job while raising three kids.


Nothing humbles you more than becoming a mom, and you realize everything your mom did and say was right. I can’t thank my mom enough for all she did for us. She wasn’t a perfect mom, but she was the best mom we could have asked for. I’m so thankful to have her around and be the best Lola to my son. There maybe things I didn’t listen to but there was a lot that I did listen to and it has made me the person I am today. I owe my mom so much and for making me the mom I am today. I can only hope to be half the mom she is. Mom you have some big shoes to fill, luckily I have you here to help me along the way. Happy Mother’s Day to my momma, the wisest and most loving person I know. Thank you for everything.

<3 Dawn

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