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28 Weeks Pregnancy Update Baby #3

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Hope you are doing well! Can you believe it how fast June has flown by, or maybe it’s me. But last week I officially hit 28 weeks! I can’t believe I am already in my third trimester. This pregnancy has flown by, especially when I have my hands full with a one year old and and eight year old at home with me this summer. Today I wanted to give you a quick 28 weeks pregnancy update and share this casual but classic maternity shoot with my family. I finally feel like my bump has popped so I can fully show it off now. Check out more of my update below.

28 Weeks Pregnancy Update Baby #3

This pregnancy has flown by. Out of all my other pregnancies I have felt the best with this one. I have been staying healthier, and haven’t gained as much weight like I did with Ella. I gained thirty five pounds with Jayden, and seventy pounds with Ella! To be fair it was mostly water weight from swelling and she was a bigger baby, but I am hoping to stay under thirty pounds with this one. So far I’ve only gained fifteen pounds. I have been walking one to two miles a day in the mornings with my little ones at the park, and swimming one to two times a week at our gym. I’ve definitely stayed more active this time around.

A couple months ago I had debilitating sciatica which was affecting my workout routine, but after many recommendations I went and saw an Airrosti specialist and within a month I was able to work through my sciatic with specialized workouts and stretches. It was a life saver! I feel so empowered because I found a solution with Airrosti instead of a cover up like most drugs doctors prescribe for pain. I would 100% recommend Airrosti!

With my cravings and diet, I have been craving Smoothie King acai Berry Goji bowls. I go to Smoothie King twice a day. In the morning for my protein shakes before my walks, and after for my acai bowls. It’s a healthier craving than my donut craving I had with Ella. I eat pretty healthy with this pregnancy which probably accounts to why I feel better.

As far as baby goes, baby is growing healthy. Measures smaller than my other two, but I am not complaining because it’s definitely been easier this time around. It’s hard enough being pregnant in the summer, especially in this Texas heat! Baby is very active though. I feel movement, kicks, rolls 24/7. I wonder if this means we have another little athlete on our hands. This week I go in for my glucose test, but I am not too worried since I’ve past them my other two times. Just ready to get it over with. It isn’t a pleasant test, and I didn’t have the best experience last time when I was pregnant with Ella.

It amazes me that we are already in the third trimester. We still haven’t put anything together or prepared for baby, but I am not too worried since we have almost everything with Ella. We will probably get the crib together next month though. Twelve more weeks or sooner and baby #3 will be here!

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