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I Tried Botox For The First Time And This Is What Happened


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Hope ya’ll are having a great week! Today I am getting a little personal and sharing with you my first experience getting botox and my honest opinion. I honestly feel like it is important to share my thoughts because it is a subject that is kept under the radar. Like plastic surgery, some people do not want to be open to sharing what they have or have not done. But as an influencer I feel it is important to share so you are educated, empowered on the subject, but also so don’t have this unrealistic perception of beauty. I’m thirty and also a mom and as I get older I am open to try new things to keep looking younger longer. But let’s face it, botox can get expensive. Botox can cost hundreds of dollars and can get expensive if you continuously do it. So is it worth it? I’m sharing my honest opinion and my before and after pictures in this video, plus sharing this gorgeous wrap dress that is perfect for the holidays. See more below!

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June Favorites + 4th of July Sales

Hey guys,

Happy Friday! So I’m going to keep it real with ya’ll, and try to keep it as transparent as possible. This past week after getting back from our trip I’ve been stressing myself out with trying to finish last-minute collaborations, while still providing quality content to you guys. Not to mention trying to get back in the swing of things with working out and being a mom. Well lets just say something had to give. This week was nothing but too many late nights, bad eating habits, and Netflix as my babysitter while I tried to get work done. It wasn’t the highlight reel you see on Instagram. So today I am keeping it real with this unedited video of my June Favorites. Because little do you know how many times I have to cut and edit out all the “likes” and “Umms” when I talk. If there is one thing I am working on, it is speaking more fluently on camera, and it has been a slow progress. This video will be a constant reminder to me that I am a work in progress, and that I am not perfect. So bear with me as I share my fashion, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle favorites with you in this unedited, unscripted twenty-minute June Favorites video. Plus don’t forget to check out my favorite 4th of July sales below!

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4 Exercises Using the Lat Pull Down Machine

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So like many of you requested here is workout video using the workout machines at the gym. Today I am sharing four exercises you can do at the lat pull down machine. I’m the type of girl who likes to utilize each machine as much as I can, because if you know how it can be at the gym, sometimes if you don’t get on a machine quick you might be waiting forever to get on. With these back exercises you will be targeting different areas of your back just back changing had position and grip handles. View the video for more details of four exercises using the lat pull down machines.

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