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The Future of My Blog – Sunny 99.1 Houston Women’s Podcast


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Hope you are doing well! Today I am sharing my Sunny 99.1 Houston Women’s Podcast with Dana Tyson. It was such a dream come true, especially since I grew up to listening to Dana on Sunny 99.1. Plus I was able to share my story on how I “accidentally” became a blogger, what it was like going through a miscarriage, how it changed me as a person, and what I see in the future for my blog. Check out the podcast and let me know what you think. I am also sharing this super sparkly outfit for a glam style Valentines look below!

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15 Ways to Practice Self-Care + 10 Quotes on Self Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Today me and the hubs are enjoying our kid free time while Jayden is in school to do a little shopping for our home, a quick blog photo shoot for me, and then ending it with lunch at my favorite sushi restaurant. I was hoping the Black Panther movie would be out right now, but unfortunately it isn’t out till tomorrow. My husband and I love watching all the Marvel Movies together, but we will have to wait till the next time he is off to watch it. Today I wanted to talk about self-care and loving yourself. No matter what day, whether it’s Valentine’s or not, or if your single or married, the most important thing for any healthy relationship to thrive is for you to love yourself and practice self-care, because if you aren’t happy with yourself you can never really be truly happy in a relationship with someone else. Today I am sharing my top 15 ways to practice self-care this Valentine’s Day and this adorable Feel Good sweater for only $15.

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Pink Tulle Skirt for Valentine’s- BIG NEWS + BIG CHANGES

Happy Monday everyone! We are officially a week away from Valentine’s Day. Have you figured out what you want to wear yet? If you haven’t here is a flirty, Sex and the City inspiration for you with this pink tulle skirt I wore to an event last week. I haven’t worn this skirt since New York Fashion week, but it is one of my favorite pink tulle skirts and perfect for this time of year as we get into Valentine’s Day and the Spring. Funny story, when my friend and I were shooting downtown, we saw so many engaged couples with the same exact tulle skirt outfit taking engagement pictures at the Honeymoon Cafe. So in inspiration of not having to land in who wore it better, I’m sharing an edgier way to wear a tulle skirt so you can stand out for your next date night. Plus make sure to scroll down to the bottom because I am sharing some big life changing news that is happening to me this week! EEEK!

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