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Family Staycation at Post Oak Hotel Houston


Hi friends,

Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. This past week we had the opportunity to stay at the Post Oak Hotel in Houston for a family staycation in lieu of receiving their Forbes 5 star rating. Post Oak Hotel is the only 5 star, 5 diamond rated hotel in Houston, and if you’ve ever stayed there then you know why. It’s the most luxurious hotel, with top of the line technology in every room, impeccable service, great restaurants, and did I mention they have their own Rolls-Royce car service? Let’s just say being chauffeured around Houston in a Rolls-Royce was something we got to check off our bucket list during our stay. Check out more of our family staycation at the Post Oak Hotel in their amazing Wellness suite below!

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Kin Toh Azulik in Tulum – Red Polka Dot Dress

Happy 4th of July!

Today I wanted to keep in short and sweet with this red polka dot dress for $40 I wore on our trip to Tulum. Josh and I went to have drinks at Kin Toh Azulik which was the coolest tree house restaurant overlooking the beach and jungles of Tulum. The architecture was marvelous and the scenic views so unique. Even the bathrooms were beautiful. It was so eco friendly, with limited electricity, and no central air conditioning. They had a live DJ and a hookah bar. Kin Toh was definitely a place to see in Tulum.  Check out more pictures of this restaurant and my outfit below!

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