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Athleisure Outfit Ideas For Summer


Hi friends,

Hope you are doing well! Today I am sharing my favorite athleisure outfits I’ve been wearing during quarantine. These outfits are perfect for summer with their fun, bright, and vibrant colors. When people ask me what is athleisure, I always explain it as outfits that look like you are working out but comfy enough to just lounge around in. I wouldn’t run five miles in these outfits but I could definitely do a fun quick 30 minute workout and yet still look cute to go through a drive thru or run errands. It’s dressing up for staying home home because some days you just want to get out of your pj’s. Not that it’s a bad thing to be in your pj’s all day, because trust me I’ve had those days during quarantine! But if you are looking for another alternative check out my athleisure outfit ideas for summer below!

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