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To My Instagram Husband…


 Today I wanted to take a break from all of my NYFW to share what’s on my heart. This week has been surreal, surpassing my wildest dreams. I remember laying there in my hotel room, a midst all the chaos, and all I could think about was how thankful I was. How thankful I was to have such a wonderful husband who was working double after the Hurricane Harvey disaster with work and then coming home after a late night to take care of Jayden, all while encouraging  me to have the time of my life at New York Fashion Week. But even before I got invited to NYFW, he had already promised me he would take me to NYC so I can live out my Sex and the City dreams. If you know my husband, he is a simple guy, he isn’t into big cities, photos, and the latest trends, but he has always been the thoughtful one. From the moment we were dating, I remember him surprising me with orchestra seats to the Houston Ballet to see the Nutcracker because it was something I had dreamed of seeing. He has always gone out of his way, out of his comfort zone to help me achieve my dreams. So today I wanted to share these photos my husband surprised me with for our anniversary, and a letter to my Instagram husband.

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