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5 Low Maintenance Tips To Growing Long Healthy Hair


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Hope you are doing well! Today I am finally sharing my tips on growing long healthy hair. I have had questions about my hair and it’s taken me four years to finally grow out my highlights, get back to my natural color, and to get it as long as it is now. Following these tips my hair has grown healthier, thicker and longer than it’s ever been. I use to never want my hair long because I thought it was hard to style and very hard to maintain, but I’ve found it’s actually the most low maintenance hair I’ve had. As a mom growing out my natural hair has helped me save time and money too! Check out my tips below.

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White Sequin Suit Dress + New Hair


Hey friends,

Hope you are having a great week! Today I am sharing the first of many holiday looks you can wear through Christmas and New Years with this white sequin suit dress. Plus here’s a first look at my new hair cut. Yup, I got my bangs back! Inspired by Kacey Musgraves I decided to make a little change for the New Year. I absolutely love my new bangs and they are giving me all the vibes with this new look.  Check out how I styled this white sequin suit dress for the perfect holiday look!

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Easy Top Knot Bun Hair Tutorial for Thick And Long Hair

Happy Thursday ya’ll!

I know what ya’ll are thinking a Thursday post? If you’ve noticed lately I have been only doing two post a week. The reason why is because one I have been playing catch up with life lately, two I want to make sure to only give you quality post, and three I’ve been working on a lot of back-end things with my site that will hopefully improve it in the long run. So bear with me during all these changes, as for now I will only be doing two post a week. For today’s post I am sharing my most requested hair tutorial video: My easy top knot bun hair tutorial for thick and long hair. Ya’ll I wish I had known this technique sooner, I would have probably saved a lot of hair ties from being broken, and I would have saved myself so much more time getting ready. This easy top knot bun hair tutorial is a game changer. Check out this video and find out why!

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